Sprawl Trilogy questions

Hello all. I'm a first time reader of the Sprawl Trilogy and Burning Chrome. Just finished them a week ago.

What can I say, reading these works was like seeing new colors. As a tripartite, it's the most powerful work I've read yet. 

There are lots of cleverly placed loose ends that I think were deliberate, as the plot layering tends to fold back on itself not unlike the structure of straylight. Anyway, I have a list of unsolved mysteries here if anyone would like to help my rubric twisting:

Who are the SB police?
Who is porphyr? (Hints of mars origin. Was he the one Swain was handing over Mona and Molly to?)
Who is Turner's brother?
Who takes over the male role of sense/net?
Who killed Tessier? And what did the cesarian section have to do with her?
Why does Michael appear as a sexual reverse of Case's new girlfriend in the closing of neuromancer?
Are the SINless characters Angie identifies related to T-A's cloning operation? (Are they the clones themselves)
Why are the communications Angie holds with Hans Becker not explicated?


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