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"There ain't no such animal as a 'single work'", he thought. "The post-structuralists had something with 'intertextuality', but they ended up doing less-interesting things with it." 

"I prefer Pratchett's idea of 'L-space', where texts reflect and react with *all* texts: not only those in other places, but those in other times - both written and unwritten. And with the ghosts of never-written and never-to-be-written texts."

He looked at her, then, and something about the light and the way a muscle moved in her cheek threw wider the definition of 'text' as he tried to capture the images in words.

Originally Posted by slumbear:

tried the newstar 3k a few times but the characters kept arcing. then plot points started fouling up. last straw was its random switching from ac 2 dc; i already have trouble w same trait n my friends. 

Time for new frends. AC was strong early, but brief. DC+ was strong and steady throughout, IMO. DC- was virtually non-existent, all positive to negative in the waning months.


Regardless, it was an exercise. I learned some things and I do believe that there's an underlying statement being made, but it may very well require scope that isn't conducive to their format or the interests of average users. There was also a corporate agenda that I had to contend with. If things had gone my way, I would have revised it substantially. Mind, it was a rough draft.


Truthfully slumbear, everything got way too jumbled toward the end. I do believe that I made my point however, so I felt comfortable walking away -- concluding with my postmortem at G+. I could go back and fix it, cinch it up, but why bother? It's a work of dystopic fiction/metafiction, as is. You might not like it, few people do, but it was only my first attempt. Also, keep in mind that it was all spontaneously written.  --0utlr

Not my favorite, but this is still an interesting version:



In most of the posts are links as replies, take them and they will escort you further into the labyrinth/game/story. I set out to create a work of cubist literature, something that was multi-faceted as well as spontaneous. I suspected Quora was a good place to produce a postmodern work of stream-of-consciousness which attempts to fuse illusion and reality with the sole objective being the manufacturing of internet celebrity. Whether or not I achieve celebrity it is of little significance, there is a specific character who will decide whether or not my hypothesis is accepted or rejected. 

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