On the road.

Here is a wild request.


I am Daniel Mayoral Diaz. I hail from a suburb of Madrid, Getafe. This is a peripheral city of the capital of Spain.


I read Neuromancer when I was 13, that was 1994. Since then, I studied English. I then procedeed to have a troubled teen life, reading whatever fell in my hands, (my father had a bookshop back then. Mostly he sold textbooks, that was what paid the house and our education).


Anyways, I admire your work, I have read everything I know you have written, and crave for more, junkie style. These days I am quite satiated,
with the Peripheral. Wild stuff!!


Chances are that I had the luck in the past to have attended the 2007 Vancouver Writer's Festival, which was quite an experience. I listened to a
(for me) brilliant talk about character creation and later wandering. I was almost mute when I saw you IRL but I managed to stammer something
around the lines of "I came from Madrid to attend your talk" and you graciously wrote "¡Hola!" in my copy of Spook Country,
which I had recently finished reading.


I've shown it to all my friends "Look! he wrote an opening exclamation mark, he like, knows Spain".


Years later I went to see also a talk in Bilbao. That was also very cool for me. It was in la AlhÓndiga, in an auditory. I had a comic, Warren Ellis "SVK" and I would try and get it signed by you. And in fact, at the end of the talk, I had the chance. I was waiting and struck conversation with a lady and she told me she was from Vancouver. I told her I had been in Vancouver and about reading Douglas Coupland's "City of Glass" and she told me he was a friend of the family. I half understood that she was Mrs. Dismal herself, and at that point I approached you and you signed my copy of SVK. I exited la AlhÓndiga jumping.


But to the point.

I got married recently with a wonderful woman, and we are travelling the States for a month. Towards the end we will be lodging in a friend of
Andrea (my wife) that lives in Vancouver. My proposition would be to invite you and your wife for coffee or tea. I know it is très longshot, and I feel like such a fanboy just for proposing it, but I would regret not to.


We will be in Vancouver around April the 14th-17th, the 18th we fly back to New York and the next day to Madrid.

I'll leave my email address danielmayoraldiaz@gmail.com in case you can let me know if it's possible.


Yours sincerely

Daniel Mayoral

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