I used to play a computer game in the late 80's called Nuclear War (available to play online here).

With all what is happening in the world right now, I thought a new version would be in order. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get nearly as much done as I was hoping to.

github nuclear-war-game

But I do have a data model and a primitive but playable prototype: SimpleNuclearWarGameplayDemo

So far windows only, but I do plan on getting a javascript version implemented to put online.


If this is going to become a real game, I could really do with some help:

  • I am very much a back end guy and have no experience in developing cross platform games. QT comes to mind, but I am open for suggestions. Also, I can write an Android app, but have no Apple.
  • This will require some artwork, so if you feel like drawing some world leaders, be my guest.
  • The game is very much text data driven, if you can think of some satirical texts, please feel free. If you don't know how to use git just post them here and I will commit them for you.


The game basically generates a news feed, a bit like twitter, so it is almost all text based. Hence some really witty news snippets make all the difference.




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