New Novel - 'Agency' (January 2018)

Guess this one I'll pass. No, I'm not fan of Mr. Trump. On the contrary. But I'm positively contrary and disgusted of Democrats. Perhaps Americans can't get it now, because they never had a Latin American government (which was exactly what the Obama's presidency was). But eventually  they they'll figure it out (or not, as in the case of Latin Americans). Hillary could run for president in Brazil (or, for that matter, in Argentina, Uruguay or other place like that): she is crooked corrupt, false and populist (because yeah: if Mr. Trump is the red neck's populist, Hillary is the populist for the well born).

A book placing a Hillary presidency as a relief from Trump's one takes me back to late 1970ies when Brazilian left put Lula as a better alternative to what was coming, a time when murderous psychos like the Castro bros, the late Che and all that scum were adored as "the lights for a new world"... Years later, in 2002 Lula arrived... and the most corrupt and dark chapter of Brazilian history was written.

I guess that dated stuff like praising Hillary just won't make world (and US) go ahead. So I  pass.

" ... when murderous psychos like the Castro bros, the late Che and all that scum were adored as the lights for a new world"  

Do not agree but I certainly will not be roused into debating it here! 

I cannot believe this is appearing anywhere let alone here. Okay you're perfectly entitled to express any opinion anywhere but I just hate to see it here thats all. 

"she is crooked corrupt, false and populist" care to cite how so? Without, I dunno, referencing back to RT or Reddit or 4chan?

Also, pot meet kettle...

"A book placing a Hillary presidency as a relief from Trump's one takes me back to late 1970ies when Brazilian left put Lula"

Gotta say, it's trendy among many of the left in the US presently to talk shit about Hillary. The "scumbag left" (as they call themselves) e.g. El Chapo Traphouse. Leftists who sneer at "liberals" as much as they sneer at rightists.

Look at this shit. Look at it:



I just... shit... how do you not see how obviously shitty Trump? I am not the sort to engage in hagiography of any politician--that is, Utopia would not have been attained had Hillary won.

But, fuck me, any, *any* goddamn POTUS in my life time was a better POTUS than Trump.

How could this possibly end any other way for the US that does not really fucking suck?

With Hillary, the okay status quo would have gone bumbling along, but along comes Trump, who fucking shit steers the shit off a cliff.

With Trump, I expect the US to become some ethno-nationalist shithole. Like... present-day Russia or Japan. Grey world. Stagnant, frozen, aging.

Causes and consequences. Allende was a cause, Pinochet was the consequence. Contrary to other Latin American dictators, at least this one left Chile as the best democracy in Latin America. No questions about that.

Same thing with Obama: he and the Clintons and their gang (including decrepit Bernie) were the cause. Trump (as lame as he can be, as unfortunate as his presidency can be) is just the consequence.

Besides, if you want to go into Latin America (where I live, so I know a little about the shit), then I can tell you that without Obama there wouldn't be the current shit at Venezuela, Cuba would be democratic by now, Brazil wouldn't have suffered not one but two really appalling bad communist governments that endangered even the freedom of speech and that broke the country (financially and almost physically since the north/south divergences enlarged), Argentina would be in better shape. Obama was the MF who supported and financed these criminals around here.

Now, for each cause there are consequences... No surprise if a military coup happens in Brazil. No surprise if they kill like crazy. And no surprise if most of Brazilian people just don't give a shit about the dead (since most really deserve it).

Why does every site everywhere always end up talking all the time about fucking stupid american politics??? Sick to death of it, not everyone cares about that rubbish, alot of us do not give a shit and don't want to hear about it. There are plenty of sites where you can talk about that crap, just stop talking about it on non-political sites, for fucks sake. Get a life. 

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