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Currently reading through Mona Lisa Overdrive (I started it a while back, neglected it, so I'm back at it from scratch) , and wanted to ask a couple of questions to those that have read it before (the more, the better)

I've done illustrated lineups of the characters from Neuromancer and the main characters from Count Zero, and I'd love to do the same for MLO. Gibson's character descriptions are great, but I'm having a little trouble finding some info about a few characters:

Slick Henry: Does Gibson ever mention his ethnicity? I'm leaning toward thinking that he's black, but it hasn't described him much yet (and I'm more than halfway through the novel).

Mona: Does Gibson mention hair color or anything specific about her appearance? I know she looks like Angie Mitchell, but is younger and is described to have freckles.

Kumiko: More just wondering what her age is. I'm under the impression that she's between the ages of 12 and 15 or something like that.

Also, If you guys could think of a good list of which characters I should illustrated from each of the four intertwining arcs, that'd be great. I can't do pieces for every minor character, but I do want to represent the most important supporting characters alongside the main roles. 

Thanks in advance!

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I like your idea a lot - but when you say "illustrated lineups of the characters" I'm not sure how much illustration of each character you mean. Maybe could you post here some examples, if these are illustrations or images? But I don't really think there's any extracting positive or concrete clues to illustrate Slick Henry, Mona or Kumiko (correct me if I'm wrong). How did you get what you got from Count Zero if not from your imagination?



Moreso just character concept pieces. All the Neuromancer stuff I've done is at this link:

While they are out of my imagination, I've gotten to most of these designs just by adapting how Gibson describes them on the page. They'll have my own flair and embellishments of course, but Gibson does put a lot of detail into the visual side of his characters, which is one of the reasons I like reading his stuff so much. 

Some characters are more vague, like the ones in MLO, I'm just curious if there were any small details that I may have missed, because accuracy to the source material is something I really like to keep intact for projects like these. 

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