Draw Gunnar Now!

Thanks! I hope (if it is chosen) Gunnar likes it.

Heck, I hope I didn't get the color of his eyes totally wrong.

For comparison, here is my progression:

Edit: Also, FP, I have much larger versions if you need them. The bigger image I linked to on the last page is half the size of the "real" one. Personally I think that (50%) level is about the right balance between being able to see the brush strokes and being able to tell what it is a picture of, (and it also happens to be the level I used while painting it) but that's just my preference.
And the winner is!


Even though you spent all that time painting it, I had a suspicion that his wife might like a line drawing better than the full color picture, so I submitted your sketch as a separate entry.

The jury ended up being both his wife and his son and daughter, and they said that they had a really hard time choosing the winner. Gringo's image was a very close 2nd place.

They've kept the images secret from Gunnar, so he won't see the winning image until his birthday in September (September 11th). They'd like to do a small exhibition with all of the images, so if anyone else wants to draw Gunnar, you're most welcome to, you just can't win a cash prize!

Thanks for all of the submissions!

(Colin, you'll be getting an email asking how you'd like to receive your prize money)
All that effort! Wink

I had a great time painting* it, but often it is the sketches that people (including myself) like better. This time around I did like the painting, but I'm not the one choosing. I hope Gunnar likes it, too.

* When I say painting I mean simulated painting on a computer. So you can tell Gunnar he's been digitally painted, too.
Gunnar has now seen the winning picture, and liked it a lot! Noticed the signature was the same as on the portrait the orange portrait Colin had done of me that I used on my invitations to my 40th birthday, and asked me all about the artist.

His wife showed him all of the entries, and he really liked them all! He was utterly fascinated by Noirjyre's (which I had covertly downloaded before it disappeared), as it was an entirely new way of seeing himself.

He thought the cash prize was utterly paltry for the quality of the works received, and was amazed how people he had never met (nor I) would make such great portraits of him. He told me that when I took his picture last March that he thought it was just a big joke, so he was utterly surprised and very moved to see all of the portraits!

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