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Some of you might remember me posting about my husband's Uncle Gunnar, and his different kind of hypersensitivity a couple of years ago in the Write Something now thread:

Yesterday his wife complemented Colin's orange portrait of me that I used on the invitations to my 40th birthday party. When I told her the story of how it was created, she said, "Do you think that they (those crazy WGB'ers) could do a portrait of Gunnar? I'd love to give him one for his birthday!"

So I said, "You just never know" and snapped a couple of photos to post here on the WGB. She's offering 100 DKK (approx. $17 USD) as a small prize for the drawing she likes the best. So if you want a drawing challenge and the possibility of a meager cash prize, here's your opportunity.

(Click to enlarge photos)

The artist retains all copyright to his/her work. The winning drawing will be chosen on June 1st, 2007 and must be available in a size of minimum 800x600 pixels to qualify for the cash prize (which will be sent by Paypal or the cash in the envelope method).

Happy Drawing!

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More background information about Gunnar on trains.

When he rides on a train, he takes a 'disposable' book with him. He doesn't feel like carrying a heavy book with him, so he buys really cheap books (25 cents each) at the local thrift store. After reading each page he tears it out and throws it away. He says it draws quite a bit of attention on the train!

Gunnar doesn't even *do* the internet. When he heard his wife and I dicusssing this he said "Does this mean I'll get (hesitates as he finds the right word) downloaded?"

"Yes, Gunnar", I reply, "You will get downloaded - you'll probably get downloaded several times an hour!", after which he blushed!
Glad you like, FP!

Although I'm usually not very keen on showing the 'proces' (just don't like showing unfinished work), I make an exception this time, because I thought it might be interesting to see the different approach between my first sketch and Colin's.

Btw nice job, C. It's got a certain Van Gogh vibe. Smile

And looking forward to your Gunnar, Meru.
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had to give it go- Soon skin tone-

Oh Damn! Red X! I liked it, but didn't have the time to reply

Hmm I gotta figure that out-Thank you- I'm not so fond of the color version myself- But, I am over critical of anything i do- I'll put up the inked number- That one I can work with-

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