book on audio-cd...a knockout.

Hi, y'all--dunno if anyone has read (listened to?) "The Peripheral" on the audio-cd yet, but I'm 2/3 through it, and it's rocking my world...admittedly, going through a rough patch right now, so looking for some distraction, but hey, I've read this thing and absolutely loved the book--delightful, revealing, imaginative, uncredibly sad, and yes, uplifting. But the experience in the car (loooong housecalls and trip thereto) is a whole difference, because of the inability to race through the words. The reader is marvelous, and just right for this material--pithy, measured. Lovely. Anyone in Los Angeles next week, pop by Hollywood Forever --performing w artist Butch Walker--say hi, Take care all, Stephen 'Doc' Patt

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Out of curiosity, I borrowed The Peripheral on CD from my local library, and I'd like to add a belated second to DOCPATT's 2015 recommendation.  

A bit of background: I read every new Gibson several times.  Once - fast - purely to digest the story, and then again - immediately, usually - to more thoroughly enjoy the craft Gibson's brought to the book.  

And, for the record, I absolutely hate being read to.      

That said, I've found the audio CD surprisingly engaging.  What some may believe the narrator lacks in drama she more than makes up in her confident, measured (to borrow DOC's term) delivery.  At first I found the pace maddeningly, glacially slow, compared to reading speed.  But I hung in there, and I'm discovering detail and nuance in the story that I missed in multiple earlier readings. I'll even confess to taking the long way to work, just to enjoy a few more paragraphs.  

So, if you have the opportunity, I'd say take a listen...if only to let the group know what you think.   ~s

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