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August 2012 Listening

Alex got into Spotify, along with a couple of her friends, and it's been good for me because I listen to stuff I wouldn't usually based on lists made by her and them, or recommended. Broadening.

Not sure how to share lists here as URLs, as opposed to sharing them on Facebook.

Right now listening to some Radiohead, from a list from Alex's friend Luke, which is followed up by some NWA. Later it goes from Maiden to Arcade Fire, so yeah, eclectic. Wink

Made a little list of my own too, but not sure how to share it here as a URL...
And yeah, it *does* make me happy that my daughter and her friends are interested to check out a playlist I make...
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Knorkator - Es werde nicht (2011)

Reminds me that I still owe this board a review.

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I'm not the biggest hip hop fan out there, but Killer Mike's new album R.A.P. Music is phenomenal. The title track is just awesome.
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"Anastasis" (2012) by Dead Can Dance

16-years since the last DCD album was issued. Gerrard and Perry sound very much the same. That is in someways a disappointment. Although, this album did take me down memory lane. I particularly liked 'Agape' off the album.
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"Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac" (2012) by Various Artists

A lot of bands and 'songs from my youth' have been reappearing. I enjoyed the previous Mac tribute "Legacy: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac's Rumours" (1998), particularly Shawn Colvin and Jewel's contribution. Of this one, I only really like The New Pornographer's re-do of 'Think About Me'.
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"Old Ideas" by Leonard Cohen. Got tickets for his Copenhagen concert this Saturday for my birthday. Been a fanboy since the mid-seventies and am so looking forward to it.
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Planning to see a Nightwish show in January, a Russian Circles show in September and a Mason Rack Band show likewise, so I'm currently listening to the latest songs from each by way of prep.
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Thanks to Limulus, I have been listening a lot to a couple of albums featuring Guthrie Govan: "The Aristocrats" and "Erotic Cakes". Technically dense, full-on jazz fusion and *just* my sort of thing.
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