Man buys used iPod, gets 60 pages of sensitive military data

Yeah. :-\ Buying an old Quadra 610 at the thrift store, only to find a bunch of medical records on it gave me a quite a chill. Emailed the doctor, whose address was stored on it too, to say `Uh, dude...? Nice of you to donate and all, but delete stuff first, okay?' Then assured him that *I'd* fry the HD, wipe the free space and install a fresh system, which is what I did.

Got a nice reply, but the bad news was that he'd have any future ex-computers destroyed instead of wiped. Seemed wasteful, overkill really, but coming from him it did make sense.

A DoD iPod would just totally freak me out. I'd move to Canada, if I wasn't there already.


Originally posted by LRJP!:
The old man would never be this sloppy... though disappointingly the story has been updated but the headline hasn't - it wasn't an iPod but "could very well be a DNT MP3 Fun200"

Big Grin This guy is from New Zealand. Unfortunately the article doesn't make it 100 % clear where he purchased the mp3 player. Obviously he bought it here, though I don't get how confidential material of the US military made it to Kiwiland.
Maybe I've been here (New Zealand) not long enough to hear stories like this.

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