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Currently I read "Spook Country" (German title: "Quellcode") and use this thread to make some notes. So, the style is the same as in "Pattern Recognition". Bigend and Blue Ant are there once again. Previously I read some other novels by different authors and must say that Gibson's style of writing is much more harder to follow.
Most of his writing consists of description and hardcore details and not much dialogue.
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By now I have just read 50 pages of SC, but still I started liking Odile. Although I cannot imagine how she looks like. The way she is dressed is too unusual for a French woman. Gibson should have looked up some French females. In fact they have great style, maybe the best in Europe.
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Yes, all French females dress with the precise amount of haute couture.

Not to mention you cannot imagine what she looks like so how do you know her fashion is off?

I can imagine the clothes Gibson describes, but it's strange that a French female would dress that way. It's just unrealistic.
OK lets get the facts on Odile from the text itself:

Odile was the least chic Frenchwoman Hollis could recall having met, though in a kind of haute-nerd Euro way that only made her more annoyingly adorable. She wore a black XXXL sweatshirt from some long-dead start-up, men’s brown ribbed-nylon socks of a peculiarly nasty sheen, and see-through plastic sandals the color of cherry cough syrup.

“Sarah is Bobby’s sister.” Odile was wearing a narrow pair of black-framed sunglasses.

This is all there is.
Just to show you that I'm a freak, here comes the same passage from my German copy of the book:

Odile war die uneleganteste Französin, die Hollis jemals getroffen hatte, allerdings auf so ultraspießige europäische Art und Weise, dass es schon fast wieder bewundernswert war. Sie trug ein schwarzes XXXL-Sweatshirt mit dem Namen eines längst vergessenen Start-up-Unternehmens, besonders hässliche nylonschimmernde, gerippte Männersocken in Braun und durchsichtige Plastiksandalen in Hustensaft-Rosa.

Honestly, no French dresses in this way.

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