UK paperback uses suggested corrections, except for Remington Silvertips

The UK paperback edition incorporates all the slight corrections suggested here and collated by The Psychophant, except that "Remington Silvertips" remains unchanged.


# It should be Townshend-Moon hooter, not Townsend (11. Bobbyland).

"The full-on Townshend-Moon hooter."

page 56


# Alberto drives Hollis East on La Brea. La Brea runs North-South. As they are actually driving East, the right way would be Santa Monica Blvd. followed by a one block drive in La Brea. (11. Bobbyland)

East on Santa Monica.

page 53


# The NSA would use an algorithm rather than a logarithm on their data miner... (16. Known Exits)

"then it should be pretty easy to fold an algorithm into the mix"

page 80


# Eleggua is written Ellegua once (18. Eleggua's Window).

All now spelled consistently as: Elleggua - double l and double g

pages 93 and 94


# Hollis rents a Passat (The international currency of bad shit) but returns a Jetta (To give them the pleasure). Please give her a Jetta, so she can forget the Phaeton (27 and 53).

"When she'd returned the Passat"

page 242


# It should be The Economist rather than the Economist (38. Tubal).

The Economist in italics

page 173


# Hollis talks about meeting Alejandro when she has actually met Alberto (45. Breakbulk).

"that Alberto brought me here"

page 205


# There's no Sultan of Dubai. Either the Emir of Dubai or the Sultan of Brunei (56. Henry and Richard).

"The Emir of Dubai's public relations team"

page 250


# Winchester Silvertips or simply Silvertips. No Remington Silvertips. Remington Accu-tips still sounds horrid (76. Location Shoot).


'Remington Silvertips. Hollowed out.'

page 335
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