Spook Country tour

aha. excellent. hadn't seen that. (only got the fringe booklet so far). so who is up for edinburgh meat? god the edinburgh festival, the most insane time of year to be there, if we had a good meat that could be incredible.

i'd guess london a day or two either side. and i'm likely up for that as well.
Originally posted by ArkanGL:
Edimburg sounds possible for me.
So does London.
both sound possible for me too, but I'd rather come to London. I figure that gives me better options of meeting more wigbers.
But it would be nice to have some considerable time in advance warning.
This way I can plan about it and actually make it there.

mostly I'm concerned with finding air tickets long in advance so they can be affordable.

Either way we can make this a nice big meat!
[QUOTE]Originally posted by striv:
it would be nice to have some considerable time in advance warning.

Yeah, give us some more dates, please. Probably not before the end of July I can say for sure wether I'll be able to make it , but I really want to go and see Mr Gibson again (and it's about bloody time I meet me some wigbers). Edinborough sounds great for me, but so does London. It would be nice to know what the options are.
Originally posted by RobW:
If they skip us but send the tour to Antarctica I guess we can also shout "YOU PENGUIN BASTARDS!"


Mr Gibson strolls to the lectern, adjusts his glasses and sees the crowd for the first time.

"My, there certainly are a lot of you here today. And so formally dressed, too."
I just noticed that martin posted this last month, over on the Announcements forum:

Peguin [sic] Group Canada - Booth Number: 716

Sunday, June 10
11:00 - William Gibson
12:00 - Penguin Champagne Reception
1:00 - Helen Oyeyemi
2:00 - Jane Green
3:00 - Michael Winter
4:00 - Will Ferguson
5:00 - Jane Urquhart

Penguin Champagne Reception???

He is planning an Antarctic tour!
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