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Mix tapes, no Mix CDs--Cassetes only please.
Been in a 1980s nihilist mood lately, so:
Ashes to Ashes- Bowie
Cities in the Dust-Siouxsie
Blue Monday-New Order
Death Disco- Public Image
A Time for Fear- Art of Noise
Terror Couple Kills Colonel-Bauhaus
If I was John Carpenter-Big Audio Dynamite
The Battle of Algiers- John Zorn
Through Metamorphic Rock- Tangerine Dream
Video Crime- Tin Machine
Data Control Husker Du
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one of my friends asked for a collection of "scary music". i don't really consider any music scary, but this is what i came up with.

speedy j - terre zippy (edit)
speedy j - borax
vert - last night from a bus i saw (excerpt)
a9901 - violation (excerpt)
pan sonic - kone
björk - hyperballad (over the edge)
john murphy - the beginning
john murphy - rage
strange days - suspect is a black male
rob & goldie - the shadow (the process)
reload - rota link (excerpt)
plastikman - vokx + smak (excerpt)
boards of canada - beware the friendly stranger
aphex twin - gwely mernans
venetian snares - befriend a childkiller
venetian snares - gay (edit)
squarepusher - last ap roach
dead hollywood stars - jigsaw motel
aphex twin - gwarek 2 (excerpt)
björk - bachelorette (the ice princess and the killer whale) (excerpt)
ayman - the bomb (excerpt)
alec empire - the peak (excerpt)
venetian snares - a giant alien force more violent & sick than anything you can imagine (excerpt)
aphex twin - ventolin (video)
matmos - the precise temperature of darkness (excerpt)

it's more or less mixed.
i'm going to cheat - here are a 2 of my favourite playlists mixed on to two "tapes"

Tape 1
side 1

Acid Horse - No Name, No Slogan (Cabaret Voltaire mix) - No Name single
Werner Durand - Honey - The Art Of Buzzing (Excuse The Delay)
Kraken - At Dawn Nobody Knows Where He Will Sleep That Night- Aquanaut
Tarmvred - Kanyl - Panacea Shares Needles With Tarmvred
Imminent Starvation - Evre - North
Fennesz - Neubenraum - Hotel Paral.lel
Si-Cut.db - Contaminile 2 - Enthusiast
Telepherique - Megavolttherapie - Automation
Bad Sector - Carla 1977 - Dolmen Factory
Richard H. Kirk - Entering Valhalla without a laptop (but with an umbrella, a sewing machine and an operating table - dig it) - Touch 00

side 2

Terre Thaemlitz - Facilitator (Refacilitated) - Sampling Rage
Francisco Lopez - Untitled Single Piece 1 (side A) - Drone EP
Coil - Rosa Decidua - Moon's Milk (In Four Phases)
Tausendschoen - Unitedpascale - Yonmade
Ultra Milkmaids - um-bb (w/blue baboon) - Disco 2K
Pimmon - untitled 4 - Zesde MIXER A
Aerosol - Be Reasonable - Variable Access
Orphx - Surface IV - Surface
Kohn - untitled 2 - Zesde MIXER B
Gammon - Songrise - Stitch (soundtrack by Gammon/Kahn)
Bola - VM8 - Fyuti

Tape 2
side 1

Autechre Rettic Ac Chiastic Slide
Autechre Flutter Anti
Kohn S (for Hubert) Bip-Hop Generation Vol. 2
Lilienthal Mt Tamu Zealectronic Pink
Zipper Spy track 4 Vierde Mixer: Living In A Free World?
Klangstabil Wir Telephonieren Senden Und Empfangen
A/h Raita 2 Tuli En Tuli
Stone Glass Steel Redemption Corruption/Redemption

Side 2
Asche Cenobites In The Ballroom (part 1) Asche/Templegarden's (Spectre)
Track 1 Requiem For A Dream Soundtrack
Delphium Take Me Home (edit) Self vs Self
Track 6 Requiem For A Dream Soundtrack
Kallabris Consideration Sur Le Café Consideration Sur Le Café
Track 16 Requiem For A Dream Soundtrack
Track 21 Requiem For A Dream Soundtrack
Baradelan Non Omnis Morior (extract) Non Omnis Morior
Track 26 Requiem For A Dream Soundtrack
DJ Aneurysm Basilisk Cockatrice
Track 30 Requiem For A Dream Soundtrack
Christina Aguilera vs lefthandeddecision Genie In A Bottle/Innate Perception Instinct & Emotion
lefthandeddecision vs Britney Spears Continual/Inescapable / Baby One More Time Instinct & Emotion
Originally posted by RUR:
Thaemlitz and Lopez in the same tape! Easy boy, someone may get hurt. Smile

even worse - i was playing them both together at the same time! that thaemlitz track is a really nice piece with protest dialogue, while the lopez is actually audible....

actually speaking of lopez, he was the last act at a festival i was at, and i decided to leave early rather than sit through silence, apparently he was deafening! unlike merzbow the year after who was very so-so despite dire warnings!
did anyone watch high fidelity lately?
i think what kind of music you choose for a mix tape depends for whom you are making it for...
expressing yourself with somebody else poetry was the concept if i am not recalling wrong...
never made a mix tape myself- made CDs though, for myself only, never dared to enforce my weird taste on anyone...
I've lost all copies of my favourite mix tape Frown I made it in about '90 when I still had access to the DJ area at the university union and I put on every indie/alternative favourite that I'd played from the previous 4 years. I'd pay anything to find a copy of that tape again, as I can't remember half of the bands who were on it any more.

It would definitely have had some Bauhaus on it, and Husker Du (I wish I could recall the name of the Husker Du track), and I'm sure it had The Cramps Surfin' Bird.
Make Me A Mix Tape - The Promise Ring
[For some reason, all the lyrics I could find online leave out one chunk of the lyrics, so I've added it back in from memory. In my google-quest I found scores of indie reviews hating the album this came off of, and citing the shallowness of these lyrics as an example of that. Personally, I've never heard the rest of the album. This song was on a mix that someone made for me and I quite liked it. Yes it's shallow, and oh-so-High-Fidelity, but it's familiar in its shallowness.]

You remind me that I'm not going to be twenty-two
Listening to the alarm waking up south of north avenue
My skin is going to wonder,
My skin is going to wonder what I'm doing now.
My skin is going to wonder,
My skin is going to wonder what I'm doing now.

So write me a letter,
Tell me where you are
How to get there
And how long that it takes to tape me some songs.

Make me a mixtape
Something old and something new
Something I said or that we did
That reminds me of you
Make me a mixtape that brings me closer to you.

Make me a mix tape
Don't leave out Husker Du
Put something on that The Cars did in 1982
Put on Duran Duran Duran Duran and U2
Make me a mixtape that brings me closer to you.

Make me a mixtape
Something old and something new
Something I said or that we did
That reminds me of you
Make me a mixtape that makes me yours.

[Something to that effect.]
I'm making a tape right now of all the songs of my life. I'm doing it in couplets, pairs of songs that go one after another. There's 2 songs from my childhood, one from each parent (divorce). There's 2 songs off each of the major albums (there are perhaps 4) that I've listened to non-stop in my life. There are 2 songs from each of the significant romantic relationships I've had. I'll post the final track listing when I'm done.
as a teen i was forever making early 80s mix tapes. those were the days.

and then one party we had when i was 19 or so (it was a great party with a body painting theme. i was so out of it wearing only a mother of pearl sequin boob tube as a skirt and a few gallons of smeared body paint.)(maybe those were the days actually.) we made the most perfectly balanced tape. for the life of me i have never been able to replicate it. i took the time to tally up and balance the sides, so we'd go from lard to a residents song from the commercial album to a birthday party song (at the time it all seemed very diverse) oh i'll never be able to convey just how well it worked. and we could in theory have a continuous flow of music cause by the time we'd gone through the whole tape we were so far from where we'd started that we could turn back to side a and give it a fresh go. (i skipped from we to i because in those days i was joined at the pubis to my first long term boyfriend and ownership of everything was shared though labour input was lopsided)
I prefer tape. It has a "warmer" sound to me.

It's such a pain in the ass to make a mix tape as compared to a CD, so I don't make as many tapes any more. I make a compilation CD every month or two, mainly for lack of anything else to do.

If you want your CDs to have that "mix tape" feel, do what I do, put all the songs on one really long track.
No mix CDs? Dang, I was going to post the one I'm listening to right now.
    Velvety Instrumental Version – Pixies
    Blue Monday – New Order
    Mankind – Pearl Jam
    War Pimp Renaissance – Lard
    Flamma Flamma – Nicholas Lens
    Brain – N*E*R*D
    Nancy Boy – Placebo
    Stockholm Syndrome – Muse
    Drop the Hate – Fat Boy Slim
    Killer Inside Me – MC 900 Ft Jesus
    Shock the Monkey – Peter Gabriel
    Rush – Itch-E & Scratch-E
    No Love Lost – Joy Division
    Where Ever I May Roam – Metallica
    New Noise – Refused
    Feed Me With Your Kiss – My Bloody Valentine
Although to be honest, at the moment I'm just listening to the MBV track over and over. And I guess that should be "have posted".
been ages since i actually made a fresh mix, but i've had it niggling at the back of my head, possibly from this thread. so sat the other night and put together a mix on my MD, which i've been listening to over the last couple of days:

Scorn - Dangler
Asa-Chang & Junray - Tsuginepu To Ittemita
Mindfunk - In The Way Eye
Discom - Extra-Format Raw Powerzouk
Asche - Kiss The Whip (SINA remix)
Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood - Some Velvet Morning
TATU - How Soon Is Now?
Hecate - Ascension Chamber track 1
Download - Sigesang
Nymphs - Imitating Angels
Skincage - The Bruised Mandala
Sambasunda - Sabilulunyen
Ojos De Brujo - Tiemp De Solea (DJ Panko remix)
Fugazi - Burning Too
WANG Changcun - Rendezvious #4
Minifer - Winter Tatami (Brown and thin)
Warrior Soul - The Golden Shore
Satoru Wono - Overture

-bit of a willfully eclectic mix, feeling cantankerous and like that Smile
I have some incredibly fond memories of mix tapes over the years. My senior year of college was one of complete transformation, and my boy Steve gave me several mix tapes that provided the soundtrack for same. It was the first time I'd heard so many bands: Pop Will Eat Itself, 1000 Homo DJs, Pigface...sigh. I miss LSD. I met up with Steve again recently, and am now in the possession of two brand new mix CD's, which are blowing my mind equally well.

Then there was the gorgeous goth girl I ended up making out with every night one Christmas vacation and who I never thought I'd hear from again, only to receive the darkest, broodingest, sexiest mix tape from her. By the time I wrote back, she'd moved, and I never saw her or her tiny little black stockings again.

Then my wife, who I met on the short-lived Apple eWorld, took our relationship from online to real world in one fell swoop by sending me a mix tape that really sent me. Such exotic music! (Note: she is, as it turns out, an even more gorgeous goth girl than the previously mentioned one). I made her one back, and was informed that not only did (does) my taste in music suck, but so do my mix tapes, and if I wanted this relationship to work, I should just leave the music up to her. We're still together after 10 years, and she still thinks my music blows, so I guess I skated by somehow...
Back in the Bad Old Days, a friend asked me to sing for his band (and boy did I have to resist putting scare-quotes around the word "sing" there). In order to familiarize me with his band's major influences, he made a fantastic mix tape which I ended up playing hundreds of times until someone stole it. It was chock full of great early-90's indie rock: Bitch Magnet, Slint, Seam, Superchunk, a song from Pavement's Slanted and Enchanted. Just awesome. He named it "Hordac's Treasure Vein", somewhat cryptically.
Actually, after the first excited "Wow, I can burn an audio CD on my own machine..." phase years ago, when the main source of tracks was Napster and its' clones, I stopped dowloading MP3s soon and the few 'mix CDs' I've done lately have been from songs harvested from legit albums.

Back in the tape era a source of tunes, after my brother and friends' LPs, was late-late radio. A local station would play obscure tracks and albums (for a mainstrean rock-pop station, that is) from 12:00 to 3:00 a.m., often without any artist info. So you ended up asking the station the next day for the playlist...

Ah, the terror when you started hearing scratching noises in your Walkman and opened the lid to find the accordionned tape bursting out. The delicate sticky tape salvage operations for those snap incidents. The digital (that is, your fingers poised over PLAY and the others over PLAY+REC) synchronization of machines, for the perfect dubs.
I'm almost exclusively a mix cd person now. I just never found a way to cope with the tape ending. Silence was unacceptable, but so was cutting off a song. So it took me months of evenings sometimes to make a mix tape, just cause of all the math involved and because if I screwed it up somehow and had silence at the end I'd actually go re-record every song starting with the second one and leaving a second or two more of silence between songs...

Only need a few more songs now to make my mix. Can't think of a good title for it yet, but titles are indeed necessary.
Originally posted by hurtstotouchfire:
I just never found a way to cope with the _tape ending_. Silence was unacceptable, but so was cutting off a song. So it took me months of evenings sometimes to make a mix tape, just cause of all the math involved and because if I screwed it up somehow and had silence at the end I'd actually go re-record every song starting with the second one and leaving a second or two more of silence between songs...

me thinks you were taking it a little too seriously!

Originally posted by hurtstotouchfire:
Only need a few more songs now to make my mix. Can't think of a good title for it yet, but titles are indeed necessary.

but i agree with that - the title for the mix is somewhat crucial!
Wow, I break Hurts' rule 3 and rule 5 all the time. As far as I'm concerned if the next track follows the previous track without being too jarring or samey then it's in, leaving not so much a mix as a Brownian walk. And I always use 45 min a side tapes (the length of my commute).

As for themes, I only use 'em when my mind is so paralysed by the options (I have too many records) that need to direct my choice by constraining it - like on the tape where all the bands on side A stared with "L" and all on side B started with "P".

Never got around to doing the magnum opus: band A cover song by band B; band B cover song by band C; band C cover song by band D &c until the thread breaks or until tape ends with band N covers song by band A.
A bit off topic, but I have finally decided to convert some of my music collection to files on my computer, and I'm starting with my old mix tapes. Partially to preserve them from further deterioration (and free tools are also great at removing hiss), and partially because I now have the disk space to do it.

Most of what I've copied over so far is Rush. Red Face
A high school girlfriend was big into Rush (the band, not Limbaugh). It was when she said, with a feverish, dreamy look in her eyes, "listen to these lyrics, 'everyone needs reverse polarity,' that's so deep, he's so right," that it finally dawned on me that she wasn't quite all there. Wink
The lyrics. Yes, well, the lyrics, see... um.
Oh yeah, Neal Peart is one deep dude. "Why does it happen? Because it happens. Roll the bones." My head asplode. "The Trees"? Holy cow, such a brilliant analysis of class warfare, like wow, man.

And don't get me started on "By-Tor and the Snow Dog".

(Maybe I should cross-post this in the sarcastic thread.)
Wow, there's some real anti-Rush angst in the boy. Have some more coffee and an Advil or two, pard.

Edit: And don't worry, colin, we still love you. We're all guilty of crimes against music. I have most of the Hoodoo Gurus' catalog, even though it was nearly all rot after Stoneage Romeos.
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