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Field-Expedient Salsa

Take one 19oz can of diced, spiced tomatoes, and divide into three parts. Into each third mix one peeled small white onion, finely minced; a good whack of fresh black pepper; a gooder whack of coarse salt; one or two salted capers, minced and pulverized; some olive oil; a small pile of oregano and/or a small pile of parsley and/or a small pile of basil. (I suppose one could use coriander, as well.) Stir. Serve at room temperature with those little white bite-sized corn chips and lots and lots of decent beer.
No reason other than that one small onion and one or two capers in a third of a 19oz can is more or less the correct proportion, and that I don't generally feed groups of people. I put the other two thirds in the fridge for making pasta sauce, or for subsequent chip-feedings.

As for hitchhikers, I've kinda sworn those off, thanks to Richard Avedon.
question:: only one or two capers is necessary for this recipe, correct? now are they mandatory? i've noticed capers are not sold individually, and a jar of them runs between 2 and 4 bucks... that's pretty steep for something i don't see myself using , let alone merely in salsa. is there any sort of alternative to the capers?

do you see my dilemma???

Yeah, and what about Vitello Tonnato? Leftover veal in thin slices, covered with a mixture of tuna, mayo, lemon and capers. mmmmmmm
Or Salade Nicoise. Salad-leaves, eggs, tomatoes, tuna, olives and capers. More mmm

Come to think of it, any tuna sandwich will be vastly improved with some capers in it. As will any beef sandwich or burger.
They're mandatory when I make the stuff, but feel free to replace them with blanched garlic run through a press.

I tend to use a lot of capers in pasta sauces, too. They add the depth of anchovy without the blasted fishiness.

Salmon omelette? (Shudder.) They'll serve me that in Hell.
It's always good to hear the Peregrines are doing well again. There was also a new nest in San Francisco last time I was there.

I like the Peregrines because they are so quick and graceful, it's just beautiful. I got to see a demonstration by one a few years ago.
We need to get back on topic. I thought we were talking about salsa and capers.

If you don't have any cilantro, oregano or parsley laying around your house, you can substitute it with chopped rucola. It gives the salsa a nice nutty bitter flavor. I tried it last week at an impromptu BBQ.

And a recipe especially for MoM
Pasta Puttanesca
(and it's not even Pirate Friday)
Mmmm, whorish smelling pasta!

I recently discovered Puttanesca sauce, and I'm loving it. Of course I don't make it myself, I'm a bachelor. Pffft! Amazing stuff. I like to add Italian sausage to it.

But that recipe is flawed, FP. You should used Kalamata olives. Much tastier.

Anyway, Cost Plus World Market has the best I've tried so far for the price. Jewel has Dean & Deluca Puttanesca that looks good...for $9 a jar! Mmmm, capers, anchovies, olives, raisins...

n0 Ch33$e!

1 : any of a genus (Capparis of the family Capparidaceae, the caper family) of low prickly shrubs of the Mediterranean region; especially : one (C. spinosa) cultivated for its buds
2 : one of the greenish flower buds or young berries of the caper pickled and used as a seasoning or garnish

You just can't get the material

I had a conversation on this very topic on Saturday after ordering a Salad Niçoise and telling the waiter I wanted it without capers.
Dining companion J immediately said
–so just bring it to the table without any of that leaping about in a comedy fashion.

And the waiter had no idea what he was talking about.

I hate capers.

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