Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your Art

Since my last topic was a reasonable success I thought we could have an art thread for all those interested in art you don't want to put a witty caption to(I think the stuff in Metros thread is very good). So "dig in the crates" as we say in the NYC hip hop scene.

I feel certain there's more, always is.
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Do you mean our original art, or the art we like? I'm not much of a visual artist myself - more of a bullshit artist really. Wink But I do like this Magritte painting (and much of Magritte's other work as well), and have used it as a metaphor in an academic paper about 'impressionist and surrealist tales of the field' in ethnography:

The link was originally b0rked, then I fixed it. You may need to refresh to get it.

The cartoons of Michael Leunig also blow me away again and again - sometimes with the text, and sometimes with the pictures. They're the deepest, subtlest art I know:

Nice new thread, Myth. I like graphic art.

This one (well, a reproduction of course) has been hanging in my living room for years and I still like it very much. It's called Puddle by M.C. Escher, a Dutch artist. It's rather different from his well known geometrical work, which I also really like. Got some reproductions of those as well.
Some people find this one a bit of a desolate image, but for me it's always sort of calming.

There's a lot more graphic work I like and maybe I dig up some of my own work.
This was the first print that I ever bought and I put it in my very first apartment ( First Bay street in Virginia Beach) when I was 19 years old and in the Navy. Every time I look at that painting I remember the feeling of independance, my own place, my own car, my painting on the wall, a glass of burgundy and a Motzart piano concerto on NPR.
My only "issue" with DA, and I have been there before, is: it has no "screening" process whatsoever.

Though certain diamonds do sift their way through the rough, most of the artwork is "amateur" or imitative of a favorite artist, tv show, comic book character, etc. None of those are bad . . . but in a thread about art that "REALLY means something to you," it seems ghoulish and inimical.

To me.

But I'm only a voice in a sea of noise, don't bother tuning in if you predict displeasure.

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I'm havin difficulties with my scanner(damn you HP) but so far I'm well pleased.
The Escher print is one of my favs also, when I went to the Bruce Museum(in connecticut) recently to see one of his exhibits, they were actually running two concurrently, a regular showcase of his better known work (ie..puddle,swans,fish,perspectives) AND the drawings he did while in Italy of the landscapes and countryside. They were both stunning. BTW I'm gonna put the Italian landscape stuff up and he was aprox. 23 when he did it.

I feel certain there's more, always is.
metro, perhaps u may benefit from a new method of navigating DA ...

heres how i do it ... ill usually just go browse all deviations, choose from one of the hundreds of categories that takes my fancy, then sort by favourites, ratings or downloads ... now once ive found something i like ill go to that artists own page, and this is where deviant art gets really, really good ... cos theres just so much content and interconnectivity on those individual artists pages ... so ... for example, and here ive just randomly chosen one artists page, link ...

in this way i tend to avoid all the crap that, i agree, can be found on deviant art in such abundance ...

anyway ... in all honesty the thing that impresses me most about deviant art, more than the art itself, is how it grew from such humble origins to being this hulking monstrosity of an online community ... cos, really, online communities just rock my world ...

so, umm, yer ... -cough- ... end plug ...

-deviant art-

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One more from Leunig, and another from another Australian cartoonist, Bill Leak. These will mainly make sense for Aussies, of whom there are quite a few here, but if you substitute 'Tony Blair' for 'John Howard', you Poms will get a good sense of them!

And, lest I get a little too political and move away from art: the top half[1] of this Luis Royo painting forms my desktop[2] at home:

1. There are three reasons it's only the top half - (a) aspect ratios mean the whole pic is the wrong shape for the monitor, and (b) my daughters, aged 9 and 12, would be grossed out by the whole picture and (c) the desktop theme in which I originally got it only included the top half - I only found the full pic later when I searched.

2. My wife chose it and insists that it remains, on this shared machine (I may have protested to this effect before here).

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