Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your Art

The Canadian War Memorial at Vimy Ridge

designed by sculptor/architect Walter Seymore Allward who once told friends the form of the design came to him in a dream.

"Eleven thousand tonnes of concrete and masonry were required for the base of the Memorial and 5,500 tonnes of "trau" stone were brought from (fittingly) Yugoslavia for the pylons and the sculptured figures."

Originally posted by Wanderer:

...near a small city called Coo.

Hey! I was there just three weeks ago!
I didn't hike, though, (I'm too lazy for that) so my son and I rented a motor scooter. And probably made too much noise, again, I suspect. Razz

Anyway, real nice pictures, David.
An Egyptian friend of mine, who's an artist living in Holland for quite awhile now, really makes awesome things. Paintings, scultures, huge installations and even short movies.
A couple of years ago he made three objects that really blew me away. They had a kind of "sci-fi" feel to them, I felt, though I'm not sure if he intended it that way. But, though I really really liked it, I just couldn't afford to buy them from him.
To my surprise, last week he offered the objects to me as a gift. I can't begin to express how happy and grateful that made me.

Here's one of the three objects, though I must add that the picture doesn't do it justice.

I'd love to show them, Gromit. Problem is, to get enough light to take a good picture I'll have to take them outside (yes, my camera is like that). And considering the weather we're having right now, they'll either be blown away or get soaked. So, not a good idea.
But I'll try.
Originally posted by Gromit:
Any more panoramas, David?

Offcourse Smile

This one's vertical, three pictures. Taken near Robertville, south-east Belgium.

One of the first panoramic shots i did, before i had a manual SRL camera (as you can tell by the unbalanced lighting). I think it's 7 shots. Taken on Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, WA, USA.

What happens when i'm bored at an airport. Three shot composition, i think it was in O'Hare, Chicago, but i'm not really sure.

There are a few more, but i have to find those and upload them first...
Originally posted by doggo:

Mindless (detail), 24 X 18", acrylic on paper - Bill Berry, 1991

Hey Doggo,

I had a dream about your painting last night. You told me that you had gotten it framed and it looked fantastic. You had given it to a friend and he ended up returning it without the frame. So you framed it again, and it looked great. So you took it to a gallery to try to sell it, and somebody offered $300 for it but that wasn't enough. So you took it home again. But the gallery insisted on keeping the frame for their trouble.
Amazing pictures!
They blew me away! Especially that "hurricane ridge panorama".

I loved FPs' dream about the picture.
FP you should post that on the "Write something now" thread.

All pictures that is except the last one.
Bad kitty. Is that really you or is that an evil twin? Big Grin
Lets review shall we, the wisdom of pissing off members of the WGB. Now I won't go into 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon with this over charma's friends on this board or his digital prowess(or lack thereof..cough), I will simply state that it is not the smartest thing in the world to be a non-contributing troll on this board in particular. The people who frequent here are not average users of the intarweb and though l33tspeak is eschewed here believe me if you piss them off enough the Feds will be knocking at your door.
It goes to show you how mature we are that some members(longtime ones that happen to know each other inna sense, not some newbie screename stealing loser) can have a fight and still suck it up and be cool, but be careful..

Besides this is my thread and I don't like your "crappy" pics of chocolate covered bananas.

And now for something completely different.

Kobe beef, Taleggio cheese, shaved truffles, sauteed foie gras, heirloom shaved tomatoes and carmelized onions served on a homemade brioche roll slathered with truffle butter and homemade mustard. Comes with a small bottle of champagne and out goes 100$ from your wallet when you treat yourself to this culinary masterpiece of too many flavors at once at Stephan Starr's Barclay Prime in(where else?) Philadelphia.
Big shout out to Todd Miller. I hafta to shout to get heard over all those flavors.
oh it's lack thereof, i assure you.

but what is not lacking is the total sweetness of the paintings of Holger Kalberg.

Untitled, Airplane, 2003
oil on canvas 42" x 48"

Untitled, Swimming Pool, 2003
oil on canvas 42" x 48"

Untitled (Bochum), 2003
watercolour 19" x 15 3/4"

Holger Kalberg 's oils and watercolours begin with an arbitrary photograph, often found on the Internet, which the artist re-interprets using paint, enabling him to record his personal experience of the image.

In photographs reality is uniformly heightened; using it as a starting point allows Kalberg to take a more studied approach to his subjective interpretation of the depicted space and emphasizes his own relationship to the sense of emptiness and loss in each environment, a blankness that the artist feels is a product of the source material.

The infusion of the impersonal, anonymous remove of the photograph with a human touch highlights the implicit familiarity of the isolated urban landscape within our collective memory and generates a renewed interest in places within the urban environment that are often relegated to the periphery both physically and mentally. The artist is interested in non-spaces, in the effects of a consumer culture in an environment that is taking shape predominantly through the results of global market forces.

In these careful and deliberate paintings, Kalberg's brushstroke is exceptional in its sensitivity, revealing the hand of the artist in the thinly diluted water and precise delineation of concrete bricks, or soft density of brushwork forming trees, which suggest movement or stillness and infuse the image with subtle emotion.

Originally posted by striv:
Amazing pictures!
They blew me away! Especially that "hurricane ridge panorama".

Thanks! Technically there's so much wrong with that picture. It's one of the first panoramic shots i took (i'm not showing the first one), and i picked a very hard scene to capture, specially for an automatic camera. But, i like it too. Maybe more though because of the memories behind it then because of the actual picture... but still.
Originally posted by charmakarmacat:

Sam Tata

How odd. I know his grand-nephew.

Dr. Tata was quite old but still very much alive in 2002, and living somewhere near Montreal, Canada. I was asked to print one of his old negatives in a hurry, at his nephew's request, since I had open and immediate access to a black & white darkroom and the print was required toute de suite in London, England for a magazine article. Things got couriered all over the western hemisphere that week.

I actually found the print on the Internet, as used in the magazine. It's been cropped to hell.

That's Leonard Cohen, the musician.

I can't recall what the emulsion was (may have been Kodak Tri-X), but it looked like he'd pushed it to about ASA 25000. Wasn't focused too well, either, but those tiny 50s rangefinder viewfinders, in a bar, a smoky bar, at night... It was a real bitch to print.

I have a much better (well, sharper, anyway) dollar postcard portrait of André Kertész by Sam Tata on my kitchen door cork board. Part of my permanent collection. He also did quite a bit of work for the Canadian centennial, some kind of "day in the life of Canada" project. I've seen a pile of his pictures in a little square book published by the Canadian Ministry of Heritage, or some similarly ominous secretariat.

Small world.
a hell of a lot of thought and design go into creating symbols that are equally easily understandable by people who cannot read, read in different languages, are colour blind, with different levels of education.

there are SO many safety/warning/prohibited/miscellaneous symbols around us.
A few interesting old photographs...

Bill Brandt, Lambeth Walk:

Robert Frank's Hoboken, 1955:

And Edward Weston's everfresh Excusado:

Bill Brandt is one of my tribal gods, for his streetscape pictures and his printing technique. Absolutely sooty blacks and hard, stark whites. But the picture I posted above is my favorite out of all his stuff.
Originally posted by Fashionpolice:

Hey Doggo,

I had a dream about your painting last night...

Huh? Hey, waitafuckingminute! Doggo painted that???

(Right-click copy cut paste shorten click)


Sweet one-legged mother of Jeebus. I thought he'd found it somewhere on the fucking Internet! And here I've been cavalierly throwing it in his face, cropped, without permission.

Mr. Doggo, I apologise, and respectfully ask for permission to continue using the picture.
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