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I know most of you will see this as spam, and I apologize in advance for that, but for me it is also art. Big Grin

Mother of golden-crowned contests, Olympia, queen of truth! [Pindar's eighth olympic ode: begining verse]

Here's to making it home by August.

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Metro D,

Not everything posted here gets acknowledged immediately after posting it.

That doesn't necessarily mean that people don't like it or that people are ignoring the poster, that's just the way things are.

There's a lot of material on this board that I really enjoy. Stuff that makes me smile, laugh, or ponder. There's material here that I also don't like. Stuff that makes me angry or annoys me.

If all of the members acknowledged everything that they had an emotional response to, this board would have a majority of posts consisting of "Nice work" or "Shut up you idiot" or "Praise, Glory". After a while the compliments would be so diluted that they no longer gave any meaning.

So I don't compliment on every post I like, and certainly don't rant everytime something pisses me off.
Characters from "ATLAS: LEGEND OF THE LONE WANDERER," beginning with the . . .

SHAMAN - second most important character, discoverer of soldier's brain and host of Atlas prophecy.

ARCHITECT - oldest character, least human-looking. Designed the city, Nelte.

WANDERER - Title character. MOST human-looking. Prophesied to rebuild post-apocalyptic Nelte. Built from the parts of old civilian robots, with a soldier's brain the final "puzzle piece."

SOLDIER = one of many soldiers stamped off an assembly line. Meant to echo "Gort."

------------ ------------
chatsubo nice pic.
striv, I LOVE WIZZLE!!!!
Metro, good stuff, do me a favor though, stop seeking approval for everything you do here. You obliviously have talent, be content to share it here, should you seek comments for every post you do it will(as stated by others more eloquent and beautiful then I) dilute the appreciation(both meanings of the word).

I feel certain there's more, always is.
FP: Beautiful. I never guessed you'd be a landscape painter, though. An abstract expressionist, maybe. But this reminds me of William Henry Johnson's early "topsy-turvy" stuff. Thanks.

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Thanks for the compliments.

Perhaps I should take one of those quizzes you can take on the internet: "What kind of painter are you?"

I'm just trying to learn the craft, and the above landscapes were produced in today's lesson at painting class - monochrome tone exercises - max 15 minutes per picture. The painting equivalent of Write Something Now.

So far I'm concentrating solely on figurative painting. For me it's important to be able to paint things that resemble the real world before venturing into abstraction (if I ever choose to do so).
Agent Wieser:

That was more of a facetious comment than an attempt to pigeonhole: basing your prospective style on (what little I know of) your personality.

Anyway, here's an example of Johnson's work:

Denmark connection: while Johnson was studying art in Europe, he met and married a Danish designer whose name I can't remember (and even if I did couldn't begin to attempt to spell). Mmmm...Danish designers....

Slouching toward the 200-post mark since July, 2003
[FP] That was impressive. What a clever idea, too. It's NOT just a pair of landscapes. The spiral backed notebook is clearly part of the painting, and moves it to a different area, somehow.

{ Later } Looking at it again, I wonder whether I've read too much into it. Is it, in fact, just a scan of the notebook? If so, I'm kinda disappointed, because I enjoyed the "epic fragment" feel of my original assumption. The paintings are still nice by themselves, I should say, not wishing to damn with faint praise.
Originally posted by El Gringo: Joost Swarte.

Hey, i've got that one; The Mirror! A really nice signed print. I used to have in my kitchen but it went into storage when i repainted. I'm gonna put it up again. Thanks for the reminder.

Meanwhile i'll keep pushing the works of Enki Bilal:

ArkanGL, I saw your post in the Olympic thread. Any news of Bilals film? Do you know when it opens in France?
Originally posted by Metro Dynamics:
From another of my favorite artists. If only the Write a Caption topic were still around.
MetroD that was trully awesome. What's wrong with the Write a Caption topic; bring it forth man. Smile

Originally posted by englishvoodoo:
Meanwhile i'll keep pushing the works of Enki Bilal:
That is amazing; I'm sold.

Lately I've just felt like changing it. I'll go back to the other one soon. I had to give Kootchie props for his site. Then when I saw what the story was behind this pic I thought it was so funny I made it my avatar. Check it out.

I feel certain there's more, always is.
Originally posted by ArkanGL:
englishvoodoo : will open on March 24th in France.

Amazing things about that page:
1) the ad for the Disney flick that shows before the page loads
2) the fact that even though I know absolutely no French, I am still able to understand nearly all of their little synopsis because of lots of cognates and some kind of universal, global language of film synopses.

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