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Book chain fascism.

Anyone who reads Neil Gaiman's blog will have already seen this:

it tells of the UK's friendly neighbourhood book chain Waterstone's firing off a long term employee because of comments made about work on his blog. There was a disciplinary hearing and everything.
I guess I won't be shopping at Waterstones again then. I can't find a head office contact email address for them online, ( is just an Amazon front), but if you search for a store you can get the email address of your local Waterstones store manager (the London Picadilly store might be the head office).
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Their Amsterdam location is huge - and their email is
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He gets to appeal, though. I think.
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You have book chains?

You are SOOOO lucky. I managed to find one English bookstore and one dog-eared copy of Womack's Let's Put The Future Behind Us stuffed into a dark, unused corner.

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My good fortune is not in question here because I don't work at Waterstone's.

I do tend to get funny looks from their staff though.
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