Skinner's Room?

I've been trying to find this short story forever, but to my knowledge it isn't available in any collection. Can anyone post or email me how to find it? I'd definately buy it if I could, and don't want to sound like I'm trying to rip Mr. Gibson and his publisher off or anything.
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Mr Yellowlightman

The original Publication of Skinner's Room was in an exhibition catalog, very hard to find, and easier back issue would be;

Omni Nov 1991, which should be locatable.

It was also reprinted in a collection.

Skinner's Room is also available in "After Yesterday's Crash: The Avant-Pop Anthology". A very eclectic collection with stories from authors like Bruce Sterling, Don DeLillo, William T. Vollmann, Steve Erickson, Robert Coover, Paul Auster, Tom Robbins, Bret Easton Ellis and a bunch of others.

It looks like it's still in print:
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