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anyone use yahoo messenger here?
wanna get a chatroom together?
I will make one.

If I make it will you come?

well, i missed it, but for future reference, i'm on yahoo messenger at work, its the only thing that will run on my machine, the it admin seemed to have blocked everything else.
so feel free to talk to me at remotepush on yahoo.

it's a re:mote world after all
I agree.

I can start a room on Undernet; been doing it for a couple years now on Friday nights for another forum, but that seems to have gone extinct, and the last couple times I tried to open a room, Undernet didn't want to play anymore. I can try and get one up again. Usually it was Friday nights, between 8:00 and whenever everyone decided to finally call it quits for the night.

It's simpler with IRC, though: Just pick a server everybody can get to, arrange a weekly time for drop-ins and chat, and there you are.

Anyway, if you get around to it before I do, let me know. Or I'll start one up next Friday, if everyone's game?

Sorry, not quite eight, but I've never been punctual about these Friday night things anyway. Smile

Anyway. The IRC server is Undernet, and the channel name is #wgbboard.

Yeah yeah yeah I could have been more creative then that, but if you had the week I had, you wouldn't be much better either. Razz

If you don't know the first thing about IRC, and need a suitable program to access it, Google up either mIRC or pIRCh, whichever poison you prefer.

I run an irc server ( populated with caustic, hostile individuals. You're welcome to join #gibson; I'll leave a client sitting there and if people start to show up I'll add it to my botnet.

If you decide to join #caoine, the primary channel, be prepared to get hassled by the residents. They'll probably kick or ignore you, and I probably won't do anything about it.

I am always on irc, but am not always at my desk. is rich in nutrients
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