Starbuckitus: Brand.Infatuation

not all starbucks are the same:
some have honey for tea
some have cusotm tables
some have desighner lounge chairs
nothing is ever the same, ever
recognizing differences is part of being receptive to the location of a certain "starfucks" and their appeal to a cetain "crowd" of yuppies.
Starbucks is a disease that has taken the class out of cafe culture. Vienna became an intellectual capital on the basis of their cafe culture, but Starbucks has cheapened it beyond recognition (without lowering the price of coffee).

My hatred of Starbucks first emerged in the Forbidden City in Beijing, where I discovered a Starbucks serving caramel macchiatos and selling plastic mugs as souvenirs. The fact that I was with a group of students who were more interested in getting a latte than learning about Chinese culture was enough to crystallize my view on this issue.

Starbucks is about duplication, otherwise there wouldn't be so many bustling locations around metropolitan China.

yeah, I live in Tokyo and they are starting to infect.. infect.. infect..

some american goof had the audacity to comment a photo on his tokyo blog: "me at everyones favorite coffee shop"

speak for yourself buddy, the coffee is over priced slave grown poopoo... ALSO, "everyones favorite.." nasa experiment:

yeah, caffine + spider looks pretty "MESSED UP!"
if you drink coffee please dont comment on my substance (ab)use.

there is no jub.
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