typos in WG's version of AGRIPPA

In the course of my work on AGRIPPA, I've noticed what appear to be two typos in the version posted as authoritative here on the WG site:


The first is in the closing lines of section III:

torqueflite radio, heather and power steering and brakes, new
w.s.w. premium tires. One owner. $1,595.

Presumably "heather" above should be heater.

The second is in the closing lines of the poem:

tonight red lanterns are battered.

in the mechanism.

Persumably the period after "battered" should be a comma: battered,

Incidentally, I'd be very grateful to receive examples of other instances of "bit rot" (i.e. variants) in any of the AGRIPPA texts now in general circulation. The poem's been the subject of a couple of parodies, most notably AGR1PPA by Patrick Kroupa (easy to find with Google), but I have yet to run across truly substantive variants (changed words, additonal lines, etc.) in any copy purporting to be an authentic version of the text.

Matthew Kirschenbaum
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