Cinema for Peace Award - Lars von Trier's Acceptance Speech

(translated from Danish by me)

Dear Peace Committee!
  Thank you for the Peace Award!
  I believe in peace, just like you.
  And those of us who believe in peace would like to convince all of the people on Earth that peace is a beautiful thing.
  But not everybody on Earth understands this.
  The people on Earth, wherever they might live, are divided into two tribes.
  The world of the tribes is the desert...the one tribe lives in the country surrounding the well, the other tribe lives in the country outside of it.
  The desert tribe around the well wants 'peace'.
  The desert tribe on the outside doesn't want 'peace' wants water!
  The tribe in the country outside is a probably a bit uncivilized and probably doesn't even have a word for 'peace'. It does however have a word for thirst, and in this situation it is basically the same thing.
  The committee in the country around the well is made up of good, wise, beautiful, rich and safe people, who are not thirsty (and thus have the strength and time to be in the committee)
  In the country surrounding the well, there's a lot of talk about the peace award, which the people in the country with the well give to other people in the country with the well.
  In the country on the outside they don't talk much about the peace award.
  Thank you for the Peace Award!

Lars von Trier, February 2004

Lars von Trier had chosen not to attend the Cinema for Peace award ceremony, but had sent a video in which he held the speech. Before the ceremony the organizers in in Berlin edited (or should we say censored) the speech, adding film clips from different Trier movies, and apparently providing a different message than the one that Trier had sent them.

His producer Vibeke Windeløv accepted the prize for him and said, "You are probably a very civilized audience, but I'm pissed off" and read Von Trier's speech in it's entirety.
Original Post
Lars has just climbed a rung on the ladder of my respect.

The only one of his movies I have seen is Dancer In The Dark, and I didn't really like it.
But now I'm interested in watching his other works.

And here I am, discussing my movie-tastes, while people are worrying about Life, Death, Peace and water.

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