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Disputing another copyright claim. This time, it's `Pink Floyd, the Borg, Welcome to the Machine'

Here's how I'm disputing it;
From Youtube's own Fair Use page:

`Courts typically focus on whether the use is “transformative.” That is, whether it adds new expression or meaning to the original, or whether it merely copies from the original.'

I believe this video is a unique interpretation of a song which was originally (and ironically, under the circumstances) meant as a jab at the music industry.

To explain a little further, the video is a reflection on my childhood. No, I was not abused, at least not by my parents. But I didn't like school, so the teachers sent me in for testing. When those results were inconclusive, I was sent for further testing... Etc. Basically, they tried to turn me into a `normal' kid.

So in effect I was not raised by my parents, but by a bureaucracy -- by `The Machine' as it were.

Despite all that, I'm basically healthy, but not normal. I've never been normal, nor aspired to be. I probably have Asperger's, but somehow was never formally diagnosed as such (although I do have a LONG list of misdiagnoses which might amuse you...). And I like being this way.

Anyway, that's what the song means to me. Hence the video.

If they don't get bored in the first two paragraphs, they'll see I'm right, or at least not worth the hassle. Anyone who would do the video on two VCRs and a CD player would have to be persistent...

Oh, and Boris just broke a thousand views. :-) The 1024th view was me, btw. It's a nice round binary number... ;-)


No video yet but working on it. MinoBot Family Sci-Fi Movie - In Production. Some preliminary test-shots.

The DHR gun - Deflative Hypertransactional Regulator. AKA "The Dehypothecator".
Made with the entrails of a microwave, a plastic Lone Ranger six shooter (sawed off), a foot of PVC pipe, and the hinge joint stolen from a pair of obsolete glasses (for the battery cap). And about three fluid ounces of hot glue.

The Captain, pilot, and cybersecurity officer of the pirate vessel known as the "Princess Kaiulani's Revenge". Asymmetric pinhole glasses with makeshift USB-accessible lens-interface (Windows XP operating system). Exposed silicon-based chips connected to coat-mounted processor. Multicolored patches and duct tape holding together well-worn, single breasted trench.

The cockpit of the Princess Kaiulani's Revenge, a firefly-class pirate vessel whose crew is wanted in seven systems for failure to pay student loans. CAUTION: galaxies are closer than they appear in monitor.

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