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Originally posted by ArkanGL:
2 seconds clips. Whenever I can.
The initial idea was one clip per day, but some days deserve more than others.
ki~2 started it.

That's actually interesting, maybe i should start doing it, too. How long does it take to edit and what editing program do you use?
How long does it take to edit and what editing program do you use?

5 minutes with Premiere (but any other editing program would work just as well).

I record very short clips during the week.
Then I load them all in Premiere, and only keep two seconds from each shot.
Yes, the iMac video was much more impressive than the cute dog video. Smile

"And let's hope that video connector cable is in right." <-- Totally sums up my experience tearing the Mac Mini apart like 6x in the course of a couple weeks. Kept trying to install a second HD and naturally, the second HD bay is the absolute first thing put into the computer, meaning you have to remove all other pieces from the chasis before you can unscrew it and install the HD. And then the heartbreak of it not working for the nth time in a row…

(Turns out Samsung SATA3 drives are somehow mysteriously not compatible with the second SATA port on 2012 Minis—you have to install them in bay one and stick the 5400 RPM Apple HD in bay 2. It is finally working and working screamingly fast too.)
Contemplating getting a GoPro for helmet mounted use on the bike. It might be possible to edit together some cool cornering stuff, but the main purpose would be for legal protection: having the video to demonstrate what other road users do. Of course, without self-incrimination, it might be handy to know how to obscure the speedo readings...
Originally posted by striv:
man I'm watching your iMac optical drive fan replacement video and I am dumbfounded!
holy shit! you took that thing apart and then put it back together.
I love how you fast forward at points too.

That video has been specially edited to make me seem more competent than I am. For example, there were several minutes of cold sweat while I was trying and failing to get the video cable re-connected.

I considered posting that one here, but I didn't figure there would be much interest outside of a few die hard Mac-heads.

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