Biologist I follow on Twitter said something about a young student from Aberdeen, Washington, who had no idea who Kurt Cobain or Nirvana was.


I laughed and retweeted, but I suppose I am a lot like that myself in some ways.


The NYT journalist who died yesterday, also, I had no idea who he was until the condolences (including one from William Gibson) started flooding Twitter.

Apparently "Scream Queen" Debra Mayer has died.  Can't find any information, but that probably is for the better.  Scream queens often still use the old "stage name" tradition, so it's rather odd to see how something like this is handled on media.  Still, she had enough voice talent (along with legs) to make movie takes look distinct and particular enough to allow "horror" to work, where otherwise it would be just ordinary.   

Privileged to have been aboard with you.  I hope all the peace and happiness and love of your life was with you again at the last turnstile.



And this, from Charles Bukowski.


there is always that space

just before they get to us

that space

that fine relaxer

the breather

while say

flopping on a bed

thinking of nothing

or say

pouring a glass of water from the


while entranced by




gentle pure



it's worth


centuries of





just to scratch your neck

while looking out the window at

a bare branch


that space


before they get to us




when they do

they won't

get it all



Lester's obituary:


Douglas Hedderich, 65, made his final bow and exited stage left on Friday, May 22, 2015. Also known as Lester Zombie to his wide world of friends, Douglas was a Columbia native. A man of many talents and interests included reading, photography and playing and listening to music. Douglas had a varied and unique collection of guitars and electronics as he loved to play with sound.

     Douglas asked that no services be held but wished to be remembered with donations made in his memory to two organizations: the American Heart Association, 104 Corporate Lake Drive, Columbia, MO 65203 and the Lenoir Woods Benevolent Care Fund at 3710 Lenoir Street, Columbia, Missouri, 65201.

     So long and thanks for all the fish.

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