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you know what i need? i need an audio version of spook country, spoken with extreme precision and timing, each sentence delivered and unwrapped with the timing and permutations of words that it deserves. that would be nice, can't help but think that, as i re-read at lunch.
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well then, you better get started! Smile

In all seriousness though, that would be very cool. One of the reasons why i didn't enjoy it as much as the other books is because the language is probably just a notch above my non-native speaking level. Listening to it being read properly would be nice.
it may well have been a hint for a collaborative project. i can neither confirm nor deny...

but yeah. i do think its an issue with spook country in particular. trying to decide if its even more a trait of hollis's character or not, it seemed particularly pronounced in the chapter where she first broaches chombo to alberto ("he seriously creeps her out"?), which i just read.
It's funny, back in the 80s & 90s when I read WG, I read it really fast and tore through it like a runaway train. After the first reading I went to, and hearing his voice and cadence, I cannot read his books at that pace any more. His inflections and vocal patterns inject personality, humor and quirkiness that was otherwise lost on me.

Very much changed the way I read him, knowing what his voice sounds like and his expressions impart.
Yeah. *Yeah*, now that you mention it. I read `Neuromancer' overnight, and left a [semi-coherent] message the next morning, on the answering machine of the guy who'd just lent it to me. He found the whole experience rather... Well, he didn't really know what to say about that, but did loan me more books later. :-)

But to me the beginning still reads from the point of view of a scattered, distracted, over-stimulated stimulant addict -- when reading at any speed -- which is perfect because that's exactly what Case was, at that point.

That distracted and confused aspect is still there, I think, especially when viewing the story through, say, Milgrim. But it reads more as a daydreamer-at-the-back-of-the-class kind of distraction, not the ADHD flavour. Not sure if it's his writing or my reading that's changed though. Maybe both. Oh, and his books still screw up my sleep patterns relentlessly, even when I already *know* how this one ends.

Huh. Sleep patterns? Sorry, my sleep randoms. There is no pattern.



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