Royal Wedding

I'm happy for them. At last, some good news in Blighty. Hope the streets have parties and lots of alcohol flows. Aklso hope the poor girl can keep her head, where Diana failed - the Royal machine grinds the ladies down, feeds on fresh blood n bone, spitting out psycho dirt in it's trail.

Ms Middleton is now being protected 24/7 by the two men who used to detail Princess Beatrice, on £320K pa salaries.

The date's been set and us Brits are looking forward to an extra long Easter holiday. I booked 3 days leave, for a 10 day break. Thanks Royals.

They'll foot teh wedding bill, and teh UK public just need to pay for security costs!!!
As a self employed freelancer in the NHS I'm dismayed to see all these new bank holidays popping up. I'll be down quite a few hours over that week- looks like the kids will go hungry and unshod. Still at least the toffs will get fed off my tax bill at the reception...hold on a second...

You guys get a princess that looks like this and we get to choose between those idiot kids of Bush or Sara Palin.

I say we have an un-revolt. Come take over Florida. I am ready to swear allegiance to whatever it is you people worship, I'll start calling fries "chips" (presumably I'll call chips something else? 'crisps'?) and get used to the crummy weather. I mean the Brits are doing ok, the beer is ok, I can have hot sauce shipped in, I dig Indian food. Driving on the wrong side of the road will weird me out for a bit but really Floridians are already awful drivers, I doubt many would really see a difference.
Originally posted by editengine:
If you don't diddle your cousin at some point you start looking at the wild boar a little funny.

So...which one are you?

At any rate, you can fucking have them. You won't be laughing once they start insisting you learn to make tea without the Native American get-up and Bostonian harbour water.

Failing that, Wanderer'll do you a package deal on the Belgian royal family. Free shipping and everything.

Wait..."the wild boar"? "The"? There's a specific wild boar you keep for the situation you described?

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