The real terrorists

Are the terror warnings over done? Yes.

Are Amreican officials the only terrorists?! Oh purlease.

If they were, would *I* know what the human body smells like when it has been blown up?

The terror warnings, the advice to stay away from certain areas, the security checks at airports, don't make me feel any safer.. I worry every single fucking day still about it. I worry about what would happen if London were hit again every time Krad travels to work.
but, it doesn't stop me living me life, or carrying on, business as usual. I'll never be the same person I was inside before 7th July 2005.

Yeah, I'm more likely to be hit by lightening, or suffer a serious car accident. But neither of thiose have happened to me, nor have I ever witnessed the immediate aftermath of either. But I have witnessed what a terrorist bomb can do, and so i think it quite natural that its something i think about.
THere is something inherently worng with a society that produces this kind of human dynamic.

...And I don't mean society in the "National/Patriotic" sense, I mean it in the global sense.

We all fail, as humans.

For having done business with them, and contributing to the dichotomy that allows and rewards such disparaging dichotomies. For allowing slavery in the name of a god. For tolerating the existance of injustice, yet waging a war on terror.

Our hypocracy knows no bounds.

We have our cake, let's eat!
The NY Times War Logs.

I have been sifting through some of the data released by the wikileaks people this week and noted a few things that are a little odd.

Unlike the last leak through them there seems to be very little consternation on the part of the DoD or indication as to who might have leaked the data.

Unlike the previous data, which was limited in scope and detail, this data is quite broad. It covers topics as diverse as Iranian influence, the Kurds, civilian deaths, contractors, and Pakistanis providing assistance to the Taliban. It is hard to believe that a single person would have had the access to such data. Previously it was pretty clear the leak was the result of a mid level intel officer.

Generally, the data released is showing the US Military in a positive light. Civilian deaths are mainly attributed to Iraqi's, insurgents, contractors, etc.

Contractors are a particular target, with flagrant violations detailed.

I suspect that this 'leak' may in fact be a intentional leak from either a senior military or DoD staffer who is not acting alone. It strengthens the image of the hard fighting and underpaid US soldier, it attacks the use of private contractors, it shifts blame for Iraqi civ deaths to the insurgents, and it makes it clear that Iran has been shooting at US soldiers and we have been ignoring it since we can't afford a shooting war with Iran right now. I am not commenting on the validity of these statements but, essentially, that is what is being said. Who would benefit from releasing these documents? Who would have the access to intel files as diverse as these?
Apophenia. They're SIGACTS. Broad spectrum, low level reports that nearly everyone in the entire community has access to. Says so in most of the articles on the subject.

All the points you say they make (negative toward contractors, blames insurgents for most civ deaths, implicates Iran) are all the things that almost every other source of information has been telling us for years. No conspiracy necessary.
What Split said.

From what little I've seen of the leaked material, the System Engineering Plans I used to edit were more useful to our enemies (provided they could make it all the way to Redstone Arsenal without getting caught), and perhaps more damaging to our military (when you see how much money they are spending on upgrades that, while, necessary, still cost a lot).

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