october london gibson hacking 2010

Google translate did a pretty good job of translating that for me FP.. but the first one I tried gave me

That notices actuals correct sound forth Bic. Of which i had whole the family by vil i certain consider a from their apartments.

Which didn't actually help a huge amount!
Originally posted by Fashionpolice:
LOL, nice work Bic. I left work early because I was kind of out of it, and as you can see, I wasn't even aware of what language I was typing. Geebus!

Just spat cofee everywhere.. I presumed it was some private joke between you and Bic, the typing in Danish. LOVE that you simply didn't realise Big Grin
After Meru spent all day researching hotels, we have just now booked eurostar tickets and a hotel! Yay! We're arriving on the 7th in the afternoon and leave on the 11th also in the afternoon.

Our hotel is the Crestfield Hotel near our arrival station St. Pancras (hooray for not hauling luggage all through the tubes), it's sort of a budget hotel but that's all right. If you're looking for a cheap place to stay, that one might not be a bad option.

We've got a bunch of bookmarks/links for whomever needs to do their hotel research still. But no fancy stuff Wink
so, foyles sold out for the tuesday night. i've got one for it though i'm not sure i'll be at that one yet. i should probably decide if i'm going to make bristol - its perhaps more doable for me.

4th OCT IQ2 Event - Cadogan Hall - Tickets £25 = I

5th OCT - Foyles Event - Free/Sold Out = F

6th OCT - Festival of Ideas - Bristol = B

9th OCT Forbidden Planet - Free - store signing = P

MERU P 7-11
NEWRO P 7-11
HASA P 8-11
MATA P 8-11
GRINGO +1 P 8-10

as a semi-regular visitor to london all i can suggest about hotels is that you spend sometime searching. i don't think i've ever stayed in the same place twice - either because its been part booked next time, or i've found somewhere clsoer, or it was a hole. and london is full of over priced holes. i think the strangest thing i've seen is a hotel i stayed in once is now £30 a night during the week and £300 a night at the weekend! i'll take a look at the place wanderu have booked, though i need to actually be able to get hold of someone to confirm when i'm travelling!
Totally get an Oyster.. You have to pay £3 for it (but you can give it back and get your £3 back when you leave) but the fares are significantly cheaper on Oyster (to encourage people to use them) and there is no worry abou which is the best travel card to get as your travel is capped each day at the appropriate travel card, so it will never cost you most than the travel card if that makes sense. You simply put money on it and top it up at a machine if you need to.
is the oyster card not slightly more than £3 these days? seem to recall it was £5 when i got my last one. but i tend to keep hold of mine, since i'm in london often enough its easy to just bring it every time. i tend to top up about £20 when i arrive, which lasts me the whole weekend well enough. though not sure how that accommodates the likes of gatwick.
We're now moving the weekend before the meat *laughing* But atleast it means only a 3 hour round trip dropping Joe at my Mums instead of 5!

I'm really looking forward to it.

Now its only a month away, I guess I should start getting rough numbers for Wagamamas on the Saturday night so I can make sure we can book an area.
What time is the Forbidden Planet signing from and till??
Originally posted by titanium wren:
According to the two dozen flyers I swiped, the big event kicks off at 13:00 and ends one hour later.

Never been to a book signing before. Do we camp out the night before? Show up at five minutes past?

Any advice appreciated.

My advice is to go to a book signing and experience how it is done.

Good one to go to the Thursday before:
I'd be careful with witty remarks and unreasonable requests ('yep, on top of my A4 chip, here's a fine sharpie and loupe... and another on my left eyelid, please') during upcoming signings. I'm sure that by now The Man has an iTaser app for his iPad.
Originally posted by MrsK:
So.. er.. incase I wasn't clear, could you shout if you are up for Wagamamas so we have an idea of numbers..


Who else wanted to go to a club and when? And what kind?

Are we going to do another group thing beside the book signing and Wagamama? Wouldn't mind walking around and looking at places mentioned in the book. Anybody else interested?

I plan to visit Tate Britain to see the Harrier but don't know when yet.

Originally posted by mr. push:
anyone up for an art opening reception on the 8th?

I might be interested.
Originally posted by Hasa:
Who else wanted to go to a club and when? And what kind?

Over here! I also want to go to a club or at least somewhere where people can dance and drink and mingle accordingly. I'm easy to please as far as the type of club. Maybe we can go on Friday night if there are enough people interested in going? Also, does anyone know of any good clubs/bars with a dance floor in London?
I know I'm not the most active person round these parts, but I'll join you for the weekend, probably starting with Friday afternoon on the 8th. I'm up for anything that doesn't require me proving I'm under 21 and/or a reasonable member of society.

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