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Someone should get a hold of Mata, he was pretty cool. And is Titanium Wren still in London?

TiWren is indeed still alive & kicking in fair London Town. Put me down for whatever shenanigans may occur in October. What the hell, I need a break.
(Just got an email from Foyles)

Tuesday 5th October, 6.30pm
William Gibson: Zero History
The Gallery at Foyles
He's known to many as the noir prophet, to others as the man who coined the term cyberspace. To us, he's the visionary behind Neuromancer, Spook Country and many of the most ground-breaking, world-shifting, mind-boggling SF inventions ever to land on our bookshelves. In a rare visit to the UK, he lands in our Gallery to take us to ever more unfathomable realms with Zero History. Not to be missed.
Tickets: free, email events@foyles.co.uk to reserve places

[i]ETA: Tickets don't go on general release till monday.. so maybe you need to wait till then to email??)
You can email Foyles now. I just did, and got an auto response confirmation.
If your email is to reserve place(s) for any of our upcoming literature or music events, your reservation is confirmed. If you have requested multiple tickets, they have all been reserved unless we notify you otherwise.

You will receive no further confirmation at this point but you will receive a reminder email the day before the event.
Yeah, I also got that reply.. Just then noticed my email said "as a friend of Foyles you can pre-book.." and felt a bit guilty posting it *l*

I expect Krad will be at the Monday event and I will be at the Tuesday event. We both hope to be at Saturday signing - Granny permitting!!
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edited to add

4th OCT IQ2 Event - Cadogan Hall - Tickets £25

5th OCT - Foyles Event - had quick look at their site but no information at all.

9th OCT Forbidden Planet - store signing


shame aisha won't make again Frown

Hopefully I should manage the Saturday book signing at Forbidden Planet at least.

I also got an auto-reply confirmation from events@foyles.co.uk

Memetic Engineer
Symmetry is in. She has just emailed Foyles requesting admission for party of two.

I will look into the event on the 4th. The FP signing will be iffy since I hate queueing and crowds, however will of course be available for social happenings.

All this and TAM London is the following weekend, gosh!

Once things settle down a bit, would we like to choose a dinner night (and at which Wagamama)? I would be happy to cast about for reservations and whatnot.
Marked my calendar for the book signing and emailed Foyles for the talk.

A question re: the signing. I'm planning on purchasing Zero History at the event but I also wanted to bring my sprawl trilogy along too.

I've had them some twenty years (pages are starting to yellow) and they are part of my desert island selection.

Do you think he would mind terribly?
Originally posted by striv:
Originally posted by Sentinel400:
No. I think he likes signing old books better than new ones. He seems to smile wider when he sees them.


He wouldn't mind recording an intro to a video I shot through his window last year then?

I managed to capture some really tender moments when he thought he was alone with his beloved.

Audio is a bit crap though, damn wireless bugs kept crapping out on me.
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The Seattle Times had a blurb today about Mr. G's signing/tour begining... Might ge crowded...

It did in London last time I think!! I know I had to hold our room in the chinese place for nearly 2 hours on my own saying "more people will be here soon, honest" while getting drunk and singing karaoke alone *lol*

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