The Work Thread

04:15 towards the end of another night shift. It's all too hard to shape a life around these hours!

Having requested a move to day shift my manager turned me down due to 'business requirements', so I then applied for another temp IT Dept post ...and he failed to submit my form. I spoke to the HR Dept and the IT Manager and they accepted my application, but it's not good when you have little to no confidence in your own manager.

So after a few weeks of physical suffering - fatigue, tiredness, early morning sickness etc, I've tonight submitted an official request form, via the HR Dept for a move to Days. They have a weekly meeting on Friday and they'll ensure my manager completes his part of the form before that.

Here's to hoping I get back to a day routine, affording me more energy and enthusiasm for life. Nights is unhealthy for body and mind. Bugger the lower wages, we'll just have to manage.

...and some 18 months on, I'm back on night shift as an IT Technician (temp) for the next 3 months. Nights hurts but the extra cash will pay for Christmas for my two lads. Nothing else really matters at the moment.

I prefer working nights but it is hard on the body. My diet is poor, routines all to pot and tiredness is ever present even though I'm into my third week. No use complaining as it's a way back into the I.T. trade. I've shunned it for a few years but I'm enjoying the brain hurt, kinda.

So, this place is slooooow. Shame. It's my virtual home.

It's a bit more like Fredericton, the provincial capital 'city' here - during the first 2 weeks of August. It seems like 80-90% of the population leaves town for the cottage.  I've always thought it strange, considering it's one of the nicest times of year to be in Fredericton - but maybe that's because I like it when it's so quiet. It's a frozen shit hole in winter.

This place is quiet, like a museum after hours. Just a few mice and night-watch security and the occasional vandal. I kind of like it. My favourite mice are still here.

Speaking of work and Fredericton; those two are entwined for me. Most of my paying clients are located there, even if I am not (most of the time) - but fortunately I don't have to meet with them in person very often.

So much has happened since I last was known to post on here. The main on-topic change is that after I bought out (there wasn't much in the way of $ exchanged) my business partner, I have been gradually reducing my client list to a few tenacious groups. I've shifted my focus from commercial art (and all the tiresome related aspects) to 'fine' art; something I've been telling myself I would do since starting a "real job" out of college. That was over 20 years ago now.

It's been a slow process, but I'm feeling good about about most of the time. I just wish I'd started earlier - I feel like I'm at the stage where it's really a young person's game. Oh the mis-spent youth.

That's enough for now. Typing this on a phone is the shits. How's that for a bit of velocity?

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