augmented reality... draw it now

(I thought calling this thread title 'locative' might be misleading so I've edited that out)

though the end result of locative art and
augmented reality seem to be the same thing except...

locative uses GPS coordinates to activate the visual event

and Augmented Reality uses other means...
mainly visual stimulus in the form of a paper symbol or glyph
to produce the event

viewing the event requires your computer's web cam or THE IPHONE... (see FLARtoolkit app posted at end)

the corporate adaptation

What a guy named Saqoosha does with it...

notice they can draw it on a friend to trigger the AR,
maybe AR/LA street graffiti isn't very far away?

and what someone else did...

mini tanks come out of a hole in his wall


the above app based on something called ARtoolkit


additional 3-d software is used in conjunction with these... FLARt lists those too...

I wonder if google sketch-up would work with it?

(GPS hasn't been adapted for this tool... yet!!! I'm sure some capable programmer out there could make it happen using the FLARtool
source code...)

(update... now a beef-jerky company wants people to use AR to make their own movies promoting their product using a 3D sasquatch)

Make a Sasquatch Movie Using Augmented Reality
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