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Monday I did an excellent leg/ab workout, but no cardio as I got a late start. 


Tuesday was merely an hour on the treadmill. Another late start and was feeling tired and sore from the previous day. Debating deadlifting tomorrow, but we'll see how it goes. I don't like to hit the same muscle group again before the soreness has eroded. Seems counterproductive. 

I've dropped down to a single 45 min. Circuit session and another 45 for yoga; haven't done my stationary row in weeks.

I'm have been on a vegan/cleanse diet for the past couple weeks, with a few beers and blueberry pie segue last weekend, and a few beef taquitos today.   High levels of self discipline around here, you see

I have dropped to frickin' high school weight, though still soft in the belly.  I plan to (hope to, tbh) focus on core to tighten that up.  I bet I can fit into those ol' 32x32 501s now!  If I had any..
Don't know.  I make some weird grammatical errors when I change my mind about a couple words, but forget to read back the whole sentence after changing them -- and would normally ignore similar mistakes by others, including this one if you hadn't asked about it.

...Or was that a rhetorical question?

Originally Posted by duncan s.:
I bet I can fit into those ol' 32x32 501s now!

ZOMFG you're a desktop icon!  Congratulations.  :-)

Okay, I'm pretty sure you didn't actually mean 32x32 pixels.  Just the first thing that came to mind when I saw that.  And I've never heard of a 501-colour system palette, although 512 colours with a few `reserved' shades would seem somewhat plausible, if not likely.  Would only take one more bit per pixel than 256 colours.


Well, I'm back in this thread. I don't really consider my Strava-rides as exercise as I'm cheating and using an electric bike!

I paused my gym membership for about 4 months as I wasn't using it and knew I wouldn't be using it over the summer - but went back today 9 days earlier than planned.


I did the fabulous dart game workout on the Concept II ergonometer.

Points: 10,395 Meters: Approx: 2395 Time?? Perhaps around 13 minutes, I forgot to time it.


Also introduced the game to my husband - he finished 30 strokes before me, but with lower points and lower meterage. 


Then I had signed up for "flow yoga" but the instructor didn't come. I was the first of the participants to hang up my yoga mat after waiting for 10 minutes - "I don't have time for this shit". 5 minutes later they all packed it in getting the final word that the instructor wasn't coming because no one told her to. 

Did various light curls etc. with 5 kg. handweights and a 15 kg. bar. 

Took a shower and read Vogue on my iPad in the lounge while I waited for my husband to finish working out.

I keep forgetting about pausing a gym subscription; I've only ever had two and it just doesn't occur to me.  But two other family members haven't gone for months - $$ wasted


last weekend I got out twice on my bike, for a total 15 miles, but it was fun.  Now I have a jersey so while the temps are still good I'm going to keep it up.  Probably.


once/week yoga, once/week circuit, and I finally got back to my local (not work) gym for 1/2 hr elliptical.  Striiv tracker game is dumb but has my attention, and I need many steps to level up.   Walking San Fran' for a week should help that.

Swam about 600 meters today. I don't know if I'm just out of shape or exhausted. Normally I don't have any problems swimming 1 km even if I have been out of the pool for a year or more. But today I was experiencing muscle fatigue way too quickly.

Perhaps I'm just getting old.

On the plus side, I did get to pull my "Oh my god the color from my swimming cap came off on my hair" joke. I didn't get to pretend like I was surprised when someone pointed out my hair color, but this time a woman complementing my hair had just taken off the same color swim cap that I had in my hand (bright pink). She said "I like your hair color" and I said, "Thanks, the dye on my swim cap rubbed off", and she said "Ha, Ha - I've got the same swim cap and nothing happened." and I replied "Did you look in a mirror today?", but she still wasn't falling for it - I then told her I tried to convince a child that my hair was bright pink because I ate a lot of beets - the kid said "No way" and I said, "It's true, you just have to eat them for a lot of years before it happens - and I'm really old"

So I switched gyms during the move (old gym is trying to hold me to a contract, which is why you never give your ssn and you pay with a good credit card like amex that will tell a merchant to piss off). But I was out of the gym for a while so I am in recovery. I am using a routine that LL Cool J used to get in shape. I know, its funny that I am using his workout, but he has a physique very similar to mine and he had to slip in workouts during a busy schedule of celebrity golf and shows at Hard Rock casinos.

The first two weeks its a full body circuit on mon wed and friday with run/walks in between. Then it splits into a upper body versus lower body split, which I've never done.

I actually made it to the gym today, for the first time this week. All it took was leaving early due to coworker suicide. I hope you'll forgive my gallows humor.


I did a mediocre back workout and biked. After standing up all morning my treadmill time is going to be severely diminished. May try to squat tomorrow, but it'll depend on how my legs feel after deadlifting today (and the aforementioned standing.) 


Felt good to workout today, but I get drained so fast. Lack of sleep, bad eating habits and work stress are taking it out of me. Only two more extended work sessions and then I'll be down to just 8 hours a day. It's difficult to manage visiting the gym and working 13-15 hours a day. 

Been struggling a bit with motivation to get out in the mornings due to it being dark when I get up. Alas the evening sessions haven't been as enjoyable and meant I've been neglecting the household duties.


Manage to turf myself out the house early on this morning and was rewarded with some lovely views.


Early sunrise

Sunrise over Sheffield


Temperature inversion in one of the valleys


Lodge Moor Temp inversion


I think I may have my motivation back for a bit.

Out with the running club last night. Managed to get within a couple of minutes of 10k in under an hour. Need to learn how to run as fast on my own as I do with other people. Also need to start taping up on anything longer than about 5k now that it's getting a bit colder. The chest is a bit sore this morning.

Working out sporadically, but not doing enough, clearly. My diet is terrible and my weight is shooting up. I got to get this under control. It's just hard with my love of beer. I really do want to become a ciccerone, but that means drinking beer, which leads to drunken bad decisions on food. I got to find some middle path, somehow. 


Also getting up super early leads to afternoon naps, which sap my will to leave the house afterward. It's not good. 

Cold finally out of my system last week. I went running again for the first time in awhile. Trying to do this every day I don't have work--I definitely have the free time.


Trying to do a combo of 1 hour running:3 hours walking.


So, like a minimum time of 1 hour running. Or a maximum time of 3 hours of walking.


Or any combo in between, e.g. 0.5 hours of running, 1.5 hours of walking.


It's a lot of exercise, but, again, I have lots of free time.

Fat Tiger at the Rapha Supercross Race


This is me on the second day of a double header of cyclocross racing. I'm busy trying to keep myself out of the bottom 10% of the field.


It was a pretty tough course, long draggy climbs, slippy off camber corners, running up stairs and I think I had my best race. Also all the fell running has paid off.


Not got a Lucky Dragon jersey yet so racing in my other forum jersey. The previous day I was out in club colours as we were having a War of the Roses inter-race.

It's one of the easiest entry sports for cycling and the short circuits/all ability format does mean you're unlikely to feel like you're out on your own as a starter. It's a good balance of technical and effort that does make it pretty fun. You can race yourself, race your peers or race the course.

Also one of the more underrated spectator sports. If you haven't done so already then check out whether there's a local league near you and go watch a few races.


That's one of the few benefits that I have as a newbie this season. Mrs. TSK has been racing for years and I've been her pit monkey for almost 10 of those. I've spent a lot of time watching the racing and learning how to do it taking to the field.

Congratulations fashpo!  Sounds like it's/you're working out.  my gym regimen has been anything but.  I've dropped off the map as far as my local gym, and the one by my work I hit once a week.  Gross.


striiv device is incentivizing; I just have to get my ass outa bed!

Lots sucks about living here, but getting to bike so much of the year to/from work is really great.  The feeling of movement after the usual day spent sitting, sitting, sitting always feels so great.  I'm also getting a pretty good collection of exercises to knockout quick super-set workouts in a short amount of time in my apartment complex's fitness room. 

duncan s. posted:

Is that the Concept2-connected thing?  I want to get back into doing that, though I misplaced (surprise, surprise) my headphones, and the gym music sucks.



Yeah, You just go into the Menu - More Options - Turn On Wireless and it will work with the ErgData App, which can than sync with the Concept II Logbook.

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