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Monday - So my hill climbing buddy texts me as I was leaving work to see if I wanted to do a foothills ride with him. Sure, why not? Two hours, 30 miles, and 1,600ft of elevation change later… I think I have a reason why not, lol.

For bonus points, he did the whole ride on a 52x14 fixed gear bike and I think I maybe beat him to the top of a hill *once*.
slowley acclimatised my snips nads back to the gym. Managed an early morning 30 min routine with no busted stitches.

20 mins cross trainer
3 x 10 arm curls @ 5kg
3 x 20 toe curls @ 10kg

Heaviest I've been in over 3 years: 12st 5 (78.4kgs). Operation detox has begun. Hope to be mountain biking by Xmas week :-)
Wednesday - 8mi mountain bike ride. It was like 78 out during the day, so a wonderful night for a ride.

However, it commenced to get crazy windy on Thursday, followed by rain and cold as hell Friday & Saturday.

Sunday - 21mi road ride around The Loop. 45 degrees out! At 3pm!!! Anyways, still a decent ride and I definitely got to break in my new winter biking tights.
Wednesday - 8mi mountain bike night ride, in f-f-freezing cold 45° weather. At first I was riding like crazy just to try and warm up, but it made my hands completely freeze. Luckily, we then did a few really steep hills and that allowed me to ride like crazy while going really slowly. I was comfortable until the end, when we discovered one guy had a flat… on his Jeep.

Alas, the mechanic had not elected to show up for this ride, so it's a doctor, an astronomer, a graphic artist and a school teacher trying to change a flat in the cold and the dark. Somehow, the car owner forgot to set the parking brake—first time I've seen a car come off a jack while in the air! Thank god, we had managed to wedge the spare almost in place. The Jeep landed with the axle inside the wheel well instead of all the way down in the dirt.

We managed to jack it back up, install the wheel and no major damage was apparently sustained to either us or the car, so a win was declared and we all bolted for sources of heat.
Just got back home from practice.
I got kicked in the face during sparring.
The guy is a 3rd degree black and I should have been more careful actually. So it's my fault mostly.

But wham d00d, did it hurt. My face got all red, split my lip and got it bleeding too, not to mention the swelling....
plus I got a date in half an hour. most excellent!
I did not take the holidays off. I have been a paragon of dedication to the gym! I had an excellent weekend of lifts and cardio, felt good about it. Where the problem comes from is my lack of dieting. Xmas food is evil and I've been hitting the cake pretty hard.

Back to work tonight tho, so I'm gonna try to reel it in and get back to eating sensibly.
Originally posted by editengine:
Judging from the lack of activity on this thread I'm guessing many,including me, took the holidays off from lots of exercise. I am back at it in the AM though, with two days this week before my gym closes for another 4 day period.
Sort of yes, sort of no.

Saturday 12/17 - 10mi mountain bike ride.

Wednesday - 8mi mountain bike night ride.

Thursday - 21mi road ride.

Monday - 10mi mountain bike ride.

To my great surprise, bathroom scale is of the opinion that I managed to stay pretty much the same weight in spite of every damn relative trying to make me fat with gifts of sugar cookies and chocolate and lemon bread. I am on vacation this week, so I plan to try and ride and hike a *lot*. We will see…
Tuesday - 12mi mountain bike ride around 50 Year Trail, Middle Gate & the Chutes. Is it depressing or cool that my buddy flew in from Denver with road bike pedals, slapped them on a coil-spring Diamondback from the 90's and still rode some drops I didn't?

Wednesday - 8mi mountain bike night ride. Introduced the old high school buddy to this finally. He kept accusing me of never having mentioned it, when in fact I had tried to get him to buy some good bright lights several times so he could do this very ride.

Friday - 12mi mountain bike ride. The weather is now perfect!

Saturday - About to head out for an 18mi mountain bike ride from Pistol Hill to 3 Bridges and back, with views of the "The Castle". Should be fun, but I'm a bit worried that we have a *huuuge* amateur turn-out. Could be like an hour of waiting involved in this at minimum…
So it was a 4 hour mountain bike ride that had 2:18 of moving time, as suspected, lol. Quite a few minor crashes too, although no major injuries! It was an absolutely beautiful day though—something like 72 and comfortably sunny without melting you when you were riding.

In other news, I just checked my stats for 2011. Looks like:

- 1725mi of road riding
- 925mi of mountain biking
- 35mi of trail running

And there was about a 2 month gap where my Garmin 405 died and I hadn't yet realized my ancient 60cx could upload to Garmin's mileage logging site.

So not too shabby all in all! Smile
I did a substantial amount of beer lifts and sausage chaws to really give my gastointestinal tract a workout Friday night. Last night I continued that workout with a pizza.

Seriously, I have managed to not gain any weight throughout the holidays, so I feel like that's a victory. Gonna try to go hardcore on Monday diet wise and maybe I won't have as much overtime at work to stymie my gym time. I'm still 40 lbs from my inital goal of 225 and I intend to take it off this year.
EP - you are truly amazing. I bow down to you..

I failed on buying trainers (sneakers) as my new year goal of finding some form of exercise I a) enjoy and b) doesn't make my pain levels go insane.
The local sports shop don't stock ANY trainers in size 6 or 6.5 WTF?!

But anyway. I have discovered a very cheap local council run gym. £20 a month, no contract - you simply buy a months pass. I need something low impact but which will burn and tone, so going to try and hit their cross trainers three to four times a week for 30 to 40 minutes.
You have to figure out something you love or, failing that, something you can tolerate. Many women prefer the social atmosphere of group aerobics classes. They let you ease into it and take breaks allowing you to rest and get to know the instructor a bit in many cases. I don't talk with anybody when I workout, prefering to focus on my form and breathing. Where you go is very important as well, do you want a natural setting like a park? A fancy gym that smells like flowers and candles? I like my place functional, with few windows. Who do you want to workout with, the local chain of Youfit gyms refuses to stock heavy weights so its demographic doesn't feel uncomfortable with lots of big dudes walking around.

Finally my gym reopens tuesday, can't fucking wait.
I would rather gouge my eye balls out than go to classes..

Obviously, I would prefer going to the local V fancy and gorgeous gym with onsite spa and 3 pools. But that is £90 a month. I would like the local good gym, which has 2 pools, one of which you can take your kids to and a decent spa. But that is £70! Money dictates.. this one is £20, is a mile from our house and looks like it should be fine. Fairly basic but functional no pool, spa etc but has plenty of outside stuff as well as the gym. Main plus point is that you don't need to have a contract and expensive membership. You can pay per hour, or buy a monthly pass, so if it doens't work out it's not a long term financial commitment.

I just HAVE to do something. I want to lose somewhere around 100lb and I *need* to ge fitter. Not just want anymore, but need.
Get to it MrsK! As I've said, if I can do it, anyone can. That's a fact! It's a pain in the ass, but the benefits are worth it. I just feel better in general. Health? Yes. Energy level? Yes. Confidence? Indeed! I've been chatting up 20-something women... something I barely did when I was 20 something. I doubt this is your goal MrsK, but I'm sure there's something comparable on your agenda. Smile

Excellent lift on my return to the gym tonight. Hit my legs pretty hard and back and biceps and abs. After a week off, I imagine I may be very sore tomorrow, but c'est la vie.

Noticed my spare tire in the gym and it looks larger. My weight is the same, but the spare tire has grown in the last week. Hoping it's just the lack of ab workout, but fear it could be beer and sugar related.

Gonna try very hard to curtail my bad impulses tomorrow and go back to my hardcore diet, but that gets harder and harder to manage. Hoping I can drop under 260lbs in the next week or two. Five pounds to go!
...or "prison pussy" as they dubbed it.

Who's the bitch now? Could be the caption of the second pic.

K, you can help a brother out by posting to FB every time you hit the gym. The Girl is the queen of excuses on why she can't go. With two kids, a man, and a job you have a lot more on your plate than she does.

Also, if you want to hit on 20-something women I am certain Krad wouldn't dissuade you Smile
I have a hell of a lot more to lose than the girl though.. but I do have my goals.

1) An awesome dress from Vivien of Holloway I want to fit into

2) Possibly a holiday later in the year where I would want to wear a swimming costume

3) Possibly a wedding later in the year I need to look good for, and to be able to wear hot shoes for

4) Being able to really run around with Joe and Louis at the playground
Been away from the forum/ site for a while so just feeling my way back around . This is now day two of post Christmas detox , so no booze and certainly no cigars. Beena bad boy over festive month and let myself go , normally an obsessive cyclist but combination of dark cold days and working too much means my road bike wont thank me when I throw my leg back over it at the weekend , but riding to France and back over 5days in May so gotta start getting miles back in .
Back at it this past week, back, legs, chest over three days. Not great workouts, I could feel the two weeks I took off. But it felt goodtoget back. The IT guy in my dept asked to workout with me and that might be fun. He claims to have been a 'powerlifter' which in my ecperience means 'fat guy that lifts a lot of weight'. It is a way for overweight folks to get out of trying to be healthy, imo. But we will see what he wants to do, a disciplined partner for some heavy chest workouts might just be what I need.
Hit the gym last night only to find it completely overrun with new years resolutioners. Way too crowded for me so I went back today at 11am. Still packed but I got some good dumbbell work done when I found a lonely bench off in the corner.

I have seen so many crimes against gym etiquette and common sense this week I feel the need to address some of them.

There is always a learning curve when you start to exercise, but a few things I see a lot of when the news years people come in for their two weeks of commitment before they lose their mojo.

Guy that comes to workout with 6 of his buddies- You're an asshole. THe 6 of you aren't going to be working out at the same level. Which means every time one of your gets up you have to change all the weights, taking up even more time. And a set every 20 minutes is no way to workout and it just means I don't get to use that piece of equipment. And how is it that with 6 guys none of you remember to re-rack your weight?

Guy that doesn't bother to ask for help - I really hope you DON'T drop that weight that is far too heavy for you on your chest because I don't want you hurt. I also don't want blood all over my favorite piece of equipment. Also, taking up a whole bench press when you can only lift the bar is a dick move.

Girl who looks painfully hot at the gym - You clearly spent a good bit of time and money on your matching little workout gear from Victoria's Secret. Yes, yes, you love pink. I get it. However, when you sit on a machine I need for 20 minutes, texting on your bejeweled iPhone and chatting with the three chubby friends you brought with you as contrast buddies it makes my butt itch.

Girl that looks like a sasquatch at the gym - OK I get it you are rejecting the societal demands on female imagery. You are here to get healthy and empowered and you probably COULD kick my ass. I don't care, baggy rugby shorts with hairy legs and a wifebeater with no bra is disgusting. Buy a sports bra and wipe down the bench when you get done sweating all over it.

Dude that will probably give me athlete's foot - You filthy fucker. We all share the equipment here. There are bottles of disinfectant all over the place. You are told to bring a towel to workout with too. Yet you feel it appropriate to leave a bench covered in your foul stench. I don't want your funk on me, I have my own thank you. I would teabag you in the shower but, of course, you won't take one. You will sit next to me on the crowded bus after your workout though, just to ensure that I get a parting gift, Ode de Douchebag.

A little inspiration, that is quite a bit of weight for just about anybody in case you were wondering.

I have to do this today.

Last night back at the gym with mixed results. Too crowded still but getting better. Back at it today, going to see what I can do with my legs. My muslim workout buddy spent his break chilling in Miami, resting, reading, and doing p90x.

I spent my break chasing food with drink and NOT working out.

It shows, fucking muslims Smile
Yeah, edit, I feel your pain on the overcrowded gym thing. During the week when I'm trying to grab cardio, a shower and bail it's packed. Do not enjoy waiting on someone to clear out of a shower so I can get to one. Bleah.\

Of course, lifting late on weekends when it's cold and rainy means that it's a ghost town then. I swear I saw a tumbleweed on Sat. Been pretty good on the exercise tip, although Monday's leg workout was pretty low energy. Still pleased with that, but I'm having trouble climbing back on the diet hardcore. I just like eating and hate curbing that. I've maintained weight for the last three or four months with minimal loss.

Gotta work harder at that diet. But, of course, I'm heading to NYC this weekend for gourmet food and alcohol, a friends visiting next weekend, which means beer and the week after that is the Super Bowl which I'm driving to DC to watch and will undoubtedly eat way too much there too. It's a tough life.

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