The Exercise Thread

Wednesday - 10mi mountain bike night ride in Sweetwater Trail System. We saw a baby bunny!

Thursday - 21mi road ride around Santa Cruz / Rillito Bike Path loop. Near misses included a 4ft snake laying in the trail and yet another night jar. Installed new Vittoria Rubicon Comp tires right before the ride, too. Nice!
Went on vacation last week and left my diet behind. But that's what you're supposed to do on vacation right? I did manage to get up a few days and go for a walk, but mostly I just played in the ocean, ate and relaxed.

Which led to me gaining back 7 of my hard lost pounds. Frankly, I was surprised it wasn't more. But I headed back to the gym last night and tried to get back into the groove. Wasn't easy, but felt pretty good once I got started. I also hit the elliptical for 70 minutes.

Now I just need to get back into the dieting mindset. It's hard to get back to eating right after having whatever you want.
^ Coolmax tshirt / biking jersey / what-have-you.

Generally it's a very soft fabric and doesn't irritate. 'Cause, yeah I've had that problem myself, alas. Usually with biking jerseys made of a harsher polyester.

Sunday - 39mi road ride around the Santa Cruz / Rillito / Aviation bike path loop. I almost have a workable south-bound leg to the ride. Gonna try one last refinement next time, but then I think I've got it!

Actual ride was a little intense. I swear I am more tired each time I do it. OTOH, I think my week's total for riding was almost 150 miles, so I was working pretty hard.
Originally posted by editengine:
He said bodyglide sold at fitness stores. Bandaids as well but you will look a little odd with two flesh colored x marks on your boobs.

The small round guys might be a good fit, and not disrupt your fur.

I used that bodyglide stuff when I was getting chafed walking in shorts, and it was good for a little while but sadly not up to an hour's walking. I guess it depends on the person/situation.
11st 11 lbs - Friday: 15km MTB ride with friends at The Wall. Nice and easy, some technical rocky single track climbs and a few adrenaline pumping desents.

Sweet 2hr dawn surf on Monday. Some lovely small, warm waves, a rainbow and a great summer vibe in the water.

^ Nice shot, Bic!

Tuesday - 39mi road ride, Santa Cruz / Rillito / Aviation bike path loop. Rode with a friend who hadn't been out on a road bike in quite a while and showed him the route. We cruised pretty slow (from my perspective). Nice night and a gorgeous light show as a thunderstorm moved into town.

Thursday - 39mi road ride, Santa Cruz / Rillito / Aviation bike path loop. On my own this time and riding pretty fast, probably due to dead calm wind conditions — 18.5mph average moving speed. Saw my first bobcat on the path, hit my first rabbit, saw the traditional one snake per ride.
Took last week off on the lifting. Did a lil judo tho.

Squats like 325x5,x5, 335x3
Trainees 225x5,x5,x3

Bench like 205x4ish, 225x3ish, 205x4ish, 160xsomething. These were very strangely weak. Managed 245x? a couple weeks ago. Weird issue, not sure what the deal is, no pain, damage, etc, just...weak. Pushups\etc are all fine. Anyway....
Trainees 160x4,x4, x3\x6. the x6 is a PR for Trainee 1.

Rows 205x3ish, 185x5, 135x5
Trainees 135x3x3

Judo last night. Realized that at least in part I feel my judo is getting worse 'cause I tend to be kinda annoyed with one of the instructors (he makes us do silly inefficient drills and such) to the point I'm not concentrating much on the judoing itself. Working on that tho.

Judo Monday as well.

Been going for about 9 months now. 65-70 classes, so....90-105 hours of class time roughly.
Lol @ judoing!

Taking it easy. No gym until 8/17 and then I'll live in the damn place until dragon con in sept. I was running a little bit but I hated it. Weight is unchanged, I've lower my intake and am more careful with eating less and better at the same time. Except for beer. The kid is about to start reg school so I'll have to be up a lot earlier each morning so, for now, I'm drinking a lot of beer.
Was in the gym for five hours Sunday night, beating the hell out of my body. Back, legs, abs and biceps all were subjected to torture. Felt like I had been beaten on Monday, but still managed to get back to the gym for a pec/tricep workout and some good cardio. I inch ever closer to the 100 lbs lost category, but I haven't managed to ding that particular achievement yet. Hoping to by the end of the week, but gonna take some dietary discipline.
Kudos, good on ya mate!
I'm still walking 5 to 6 times a week, and still struggling to get into yoga regularly. I love it but can't get past the first week.
Gained a bunch of weight recently due to work stress and drinking after work, which I found, completely disintegrates any food related inhibition. So I've been stuffing my face at night like a ravenous bear after hibernation.
Thus, no more drinking on week nights and back to eating light dinners. Should be back to 175 in a couple of months. The ultimate goal is 150 but I'm giving myself 'til next year at least.
Wed: 3 mile jog
Thursday: 2hr trek on the mountain

Sore knee last night reminds me i need that operation sometime soon and will have to stick to biking & swimming until i can raise that £3K. Bummer. Spotted a few 10K charity walks for September - trying to stoke myself up enough to sign up
Really down on the bench press. Log suggests I took approx 2-3 weeks off OHP and bench due to shoulder pain and now?

5-2-11 250x5x5 for bench. (ok, sure, that's 3 months ago, so maybe it was more than 2-3 weeks off)
Last night 205x5,x7,x4,x5. Ultra gimpy!
Hoping it rebuilds fairly quickly.

Last Friday:
Trainees 240 4/4/3
Me 360 4/4/5

Trainees: 105/110 4/3/2+1PP
Me: 155/135/140 2/5/3 (also ultra gimpy!)

Last night:

Trainee: 205 6 x 5
Me: 325 6/6/6/6/4

Trainee: 135 7/12/9
Me: 205 5/7/4/5

Trainee: 125 5/5/4.5
Me: 125 10/12/8

Plus the Judo on Th and some paintball tomorrow for a bachelor party (not mine).
Wednesday - 8.5mi mountain bike ride. Was going to be 10mi, but I got a slow leak right before the last loop and bolted for the car instead.

Friday - 39mi road bike ride. Need to start working my heart rate more somehow. Only 140avg / 160max bpm.

Also, fuck rabbits. One bounced off my damn leg because he misjudged when to try and bolt and front of me so badly. I am unclear how he got that high in the air. Either he was trying to leap through the frame or he hit my front wheel side on and got flipped up in the air. Rabbits. They can die in a fire.
Friday night I pummeled my shoulders, which are looking impressive if I say so myself and abs. Then I hit the elliptical for 20 minutes before the guy I've been working out with and he wants workout guess what... shoulders. So I go back to the well and do some like weight, high rep action with him. We then throw a 10 lbs medicine ball back and forth for 7 minutes, which is a serious cardio challenge that seems to exercise almost every muscle in my body.

Tonight I was feeling run down but hit my back a bit. Then my cohort and I pulled out some boxing pads and punched those for a minute at the time. This has increased my respect for boxers, which was never slight. That shit takes it out of you quick.

We went back to the medicine ball toss for 12 minutes tonight, which was intensely painful. Finished with 25 on the elliptical and I can feel the pain all through my abs, back and shoulders. It's a good pain, but oy.

But I'm gonna try to be good diet-wise tomorrow and drop the one pound I need to hit the 100 lost mark. One lousy pound from 100. Woohoo. I drop one more after that and I'm no longer in the heavyweight class anymore. Exciting stuff!
Originally posted by heavyboots:
Also, fuck rabbits. One bounced off my damn leg because he misjudged when to try and bolt and front of me so badly. I am unclear how he got that high in the air. Either he was trying to leap through the frame or he hit my front wheel side on and got flipped up in the air. Rabbits. They can die in a fire.

Yikes. I hear rabbits that die in fire can be quite tasty.

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