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Tuesday: 17 mile ride along the coast.

This morning, Thursday: 15 mile ride along same coastal bike path. Smooth, hard paving and quite flat. Lots of sand dunes, the docks/marina, a few cafes along the way and a Victorian pier after 6 miles. Returned through the parks, past the castle and on into the urban zone of the city. Nice ride.
Wednesday - 8mi mountain bike night ride in Sweetwater Trail System. Legs actually still sore from the 1000ft of climbing on Tuesday night.

It rained later on, and you could tell all the desert critters were expecting it. Saw/moved a desert tortoise and saw but did not mess with a big fat hairy tarantula. And of course zillions of rabbits and kangaroo rats.
went to practice for the second time this week
after many months of doing nothing.
I actually found a TKD place to go to again, after so many years!!!!
it feels so good! We did hyungs today..... got me so nostalgic.
I have a good feeling about this one.
Friday - 3 hour bike ride in 20C through the local forestry - took in two mean uphills, some fun feral tracks and 2 new routes, one of which i've been planning for many months, having spotted it from the motorway last year. Found and descended, with threats from the farmers wife re trespassing. Hey ho, kerrching Smile

Thats well over 50 miles for me so far this week, with planned session on Sunday. Happy days.

Originally posted by Bictaker:
Tuesday: 17 mile ride along the coast.

This morning, Thursday: 15 mile ride along same coastal bike path. Smooth, hard paving and quite flat. Lots of sand dunes, the docks/marina, a few cafes along the way and a Victorian pier after 6 miles. Returned through the parks, past the castle and on into the urban zone of the city. Nice ride.

Thursday - snap
SO yesterday I got caught up hanging with friends celebrating the fourth and whatnot and didn't make it into the gym until way late. Did a pretty solid job of working my biceps and back, but skipped the cardio. Hoping I'll have time to catch up on that this week.

Been struggling to get back into full diet mode. I haven't gained any weight so far, but I haven't lost much either. In summer it's hard to resist with BBQs, gatherings and whatnot. Also my willpower has faltered somewhat and I've gotten bored eating the same things all the time.

Gotta get back on it so I can look my best when I hit the beach at the end of the month.

It's not all negative news tho, I bought some pants this week and have lost 10 inches from my waist and I tried on a sports coat I got for college graduation and it's too big! (slightly) I'm smaller than I was in college! So that's cool, but still a long way to go.
Been meaning to post in here forevar!

Friday - 24mi road bike ride. Nothing much notable except I wasn't feeling great for some reason. Blech.

Sunday - 6mi trail run up to the Monument boundary in the Chiricahuas, partially to survey the damage the fire did to the rest of the canyon. Managed a sort-of decent pace and avg heart rate of 154, I think. Canyon was a mixture of totally burnt next to totally unburnt. I will say there were places that I saw rock formations and such I didn't know existed simply because they used to be hidden by brush and trees that are no longer there.

Tuesday - Old Main bike ride. A group gradually coalesces in front of Old Main at the U of A and around 8:30-8:45. Eventually enough screams of "Let's ride" spur the mob into motion. Averaging around 10mph, it's definitely casual. Beautiful night for a ride though! Afternoon monsoon had thrashed the hell out of Tucson earlier, so it was cool and moist out still, with lots of flash flood water still blasting through both rivers that we ended up biking along. A 20mi ride total--I had to bail from the group at about 10:30 though and hustle home to finish up chores that had to be done before coming back to work today.
Last Friday

Box squats 275x12, x10, x12 (too light, should use 315 next time)
Trainess...uh...205x10,x8, x6? I think that's right...

Overhead press 110x10,x8,x7
Trainess 90x10,x8,x6

Then some chins up.


Squats 285x10,x8,x7
Trainees 195x10,x8,6

Bench 225x10,x8,x6
Trainess 135x11,x9,x7

Rows 135x15, x12
Trainess 135x10,x7

Judo later today.

Also managed another strange weekend where I can go from roughly 198 on Friday to 206 on Tuesday morning and back down to 199 this morning. Even tho it's happened several times now...still kinda impresses\weirds me out.
Absolutely wonderful workout last night. Was working on my back and biceps and killed. Then hit the elliptical for an hour and didn't want to get off. Had something akin to a runner's high for the first time ever! Felt great.

Of course, after all that exuberant exercise I slept for over 10 hours and feel battered today. But it was worth it. Hope I can keep the energy level up tonight for my pecs and triceps.
Lots of rain this week in the afternoon...

Wednesday - 12mi mountain bike ride in Sweetwater trail system. I was so freaking sure it would rain I got there early and did 4mi by myself. Then it turned out it never did rain, so I ended up doing a bit more than I thought I was going to.

Friday - 3mi walk up Tumamoc Hill. Gorgeous cool night for it. Got to the top and watched the storms thrashing Green Valley to the south.

Sunday - 19.5mi mountain bike ride on the 50 Year Trail. Tried a new route out and it works quite nicely. Instead of driving all the way to Golder Ranch Rd, I stopped at Catalina State Park and rode in from there. It adds about 12mi to any loop you would normally do from Golder, but today that was fine as I had tons of light due to it being so overcast all day that it was only about 90 degrees when I started riding at 4:30.
Trainee did squats, 185x3, 205x3, 225x5 (likely a PR for reps).

I did a superset of Jump Squats and Front Squats. So do 3 Jump Squats, rack the bar, regrip for Front Squats, do 3 Front Squats, as one "set".

Used the same weights, 185, 205, 225.

Felt pretty good.

Trainee managed 185x1 on bench, new PR. Very happy about that.

I was mostly fucking around, 135x20, 155x10, 175x15.

Then rows 115x20,x10, x5.
Trainee 115x8,x5,x3.

Nice quick session, productive.

Judo later.
Discovered this week that there is no gym open on campus until 8/17 so I went for a run yesterday. 1.75 miles with breaks for pushups. I made it to 155 pushups by the end of the run, try doing that in 90f and 85% humidity! (ok you running guys could probably do that quite easily!) loved it! More tomorrow!
^ Jesus christ, I think I'm lucky if I can do like 20 consecutive ones today. o_O

Tuesday - 12mi night mountain bike ride in Tucson Mountain Park. Apparently, there were some extremely heavy rains out there last week. All the trails have been replaced with trials courses consisting of mixed boulder fields and sand dunes, with the occasional foot deep pothole or washout thrown in. In some aspects, the most technical ride I've done in quite a while.

Wednesday - 8mi night mountain bike ride at Sweetwater. The rains didn't hit this area, so it was a pleasant ride. Plus, I tried a higher tire pressure that really helped out on the downhill sections.
So my intention was to go for an actual jog at a local park today. However I found out that the fact that I can power through an hour on the elliptical does not mean I can jog for anything like that. I ran less than a half mile before being winded. I did continue walking, but i gotta build up my stamina. As per editengine's suggestion, I'm gonna try to do intervals of running and walking next time.

After my walk I ate a hot dog and shake at Sonic then went to the gym. My back and bicep lift was impeded by said hot dog, but I persevered. I then hit the elliptical for an hour while watching an episode of Mad Men. Man the women on that show make me want to be physically fit. Yow!

Anyway my legs now feel like jelly, my back is sore and I'm beat. Not the worst Friday ever.
Tired Saturday from 3 hours replacing cooler motor and monsoons thrashed the town Sunday evening, so no rides this weekend. Which meant I had some catching up to do…

Monday - 21.5mi road bike ride around the newly connected Santa Cruz & Rillito bike paths. This route is incredible! I think there are something like 18mi of continuous bike path (within city limits, no less) now connected up such that you have 4 road crossings—and only one with a light. The only major downsides are lots of pedestrians to dodge at certain points and very minimal elevation chance (250ft for the route I took).
Tuesday - Somewhat epic 19mi, 2:45 hr mountain bike ride. Got a decent max HR of 192bpm too.

However, the epicness came mostly from just how much rain was happening all around us that never managed to do more than lightly sprinkle on the area where we were at any given time.

Got back, got in the car, drove 5 minutes and was promptly in a pelting rain storm that seemed to be head right back to where we did our ride.
Thursday, July 21, 2011
5 X 200 M (100 free, 50 back, 50 breast)
50 M free
1050 M - approx 25 minutes

Monday, July 18, 2011
5 X 200 M (100 free, 50 back, 50 breast)
100 M free
1100 M - approx 30 minutes

Friday July 15
3 X 100 M free
1 x 100 M breast
3 X 100 M free
1 x 100 M breast
2 x 100 M free
50 M free
1050 M - approx 30 minutes
^ Dude! It's important to stay upright when mtn biking! At any rate, glad you have healed up.

So as threatened after my last ride, I managed to string together almost 40 miles. The southbound leg down Craycroft absolutely sucked though. Lights are timed for 40mph, so at 18-20mph into a storm-driven headwind and on a slight uphill grade, I would get about 15ft from the next light before it would go red… meaning that I hit almost every damn light there was on the street and felt like I was gonna die doing it. Arrrrrgh!

Rest of the ride was pretty good though, and extremely tiring! Since I took a shortcut through downtown and skipped a bit of bike path I could have ridden, I figure there's at least 23-25 miles of bike path to be ridden if you do Santa Cruz & Rillito River paths end to end. I managed 21.5 with my shortcut.
Sunday - Did in fact manage to crawl out of bed at 5:45am to make the 9.5mi Frog Hollow mountain bike ride. Totally worth it! Water 10-12ft deep in places and perfect temperature to cool off in after the ride out.

More also, we rode with this amazing 15yr old kid who is first place in his age division of mountain bike racers for Cat 2's. You can see him in the pic above way up in the top of the frame, preparing to do about a 40ft dive into the pool.

Lotta fun to watch him clean stuff and generally run rings around the rest of us, lol. Turns out he has a GoPro so this is Cal doing a part of the 50 Year Trail called The Chutes. (Not on the ride we did today, but a really cool little section of trail and one that I love to ride.)

Take it easy, that is quite a run. My dad still does distances like that, 5-6 miles a day and 8 on the weekends but he takes it easy when he isn't feeling it. He is 63. His younger brother was a marathoner but has succumbed to arthritis in his knees after overloading his body for so long. Now he's a fatty like me. Be good to your body is the lesson I suppose.
Yeah, definitely listen to your body if you're into exercise for the long run.

Tuesday - 38.5mi road ride around the Santa Cruz / Rillito / Aviation bike path loop I discovered. Pretty good ride; bumped my average speed a little bit. Feel like I could have gone faster but I had to use my helmet mount light due to surprise dead batteries in my handlebar mount one. I was having trouble adjusting it to show the road in the fashion I wanted, so much more tentative through the turns, the tunnels, etc.

Also, the freaking bugs are all slamming into your face trying to get to the light and the night jars that aren't crouched down sleeping in the middle of the trail are buzzing your face trying to get the insects... Near misses included about 6 night jars, two 4-5 year olds, a huuuge toad and innumerable lizards.

BTW, these are night jars. They blend surprisingly well with an asphalt-colored background...

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