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Although I am not a trainer at all I always tell friends that ask about this to worry about getting into he habit of exercise first. Find something you like doing and then try and do it a little bit every day. When you and your body get used to the activity you can vary things and start doing more challenging workouts.
No sphincter issues, thanks for asking.

Sounds good - for starters I'll do one muscle thing per day and cycle it, trying to go for opposed muscle groups on following days, i.e. do curls (biceps) the day after pushups (mostly triceps) and so on.

Add that to one 30 minute (minimum) session of light cardio every day and there are no gaps in the week to get out of the habit...
Weightlifting is for unkempt twats. It's primary purpose is to show others how tight you are, not to show you how to use them.
It quickly becomes a tedious chore, like fucking your wife, so to avoid the unpleasantness you drink vodka tumblers straight for the rest of the day.
You know who is strong? Long distance runners and swimmers, MMA guys and p0rn stars like Ron Jeremy.
Originally posted by TwiliteMinotaur:
You said Kegels! LoL!

Big Grin

hey a woman with good kegels is nothing to laugh at! that shit is awesome!

Bought a scale today.



that means I have lost about 25lbs since last year at this time.

I blame a lifestyle change where I work a lot of nights and don't work out or eat like I should and the bronchitis last month that kept me on my couch.

Now granted I lost some fat, and I feel just as strong, but I don't like being small enough to pick up and that is where I am now.

Hit GNC and bought a few meal replacement bars, these are a lot easier to eat than protein since they have fat in them. Oh Yeah bar are coated with peanuts and peanut butter. 26g of protein and 380 calories they are a good post workout treat that I used to eat all the time.

Then to my gym, talked with the new owner and punished my back for a good hour.

Abs to warm up. Lat pull downs and cable rows and heavy shrugs.

Really I can tell I am out of shape because I started to run out of steam after doing some curls.

Tomorrow is push up day (yay!) and then deadlift day and legs later this week. My goal is to be up 3 lbs by the end of the week and feel like I am stronger.
Originally posted by ArkanGL:
Back from running.

I really should do it more often.
If only because maybe then I'll be able to run without stopping so often.

I'm imaging you running through the Canadian snow, a la Stallone in Rocky IV, with logs over each shoulder and charging through snow drifts to avenge the death of your friend Carl Weathers.

Originally posted by Trogdor:

Heavy Shrugs.

Band name.

We'd have to be a band of and for apathetic fat guys. Smile

Run 3 miles again yesterday morning and by early afternoon I was gagging for another run even though the earlier outing wasn't as easy as I'd imagined it would have been, given I'd had Sunday off as a rest day. Thinking I'll just make do with an hour surfing this arvo, but who knows how the endorphins will swing, come this evening! Addictive: 154 lbs and still feeling chubby :-(
Originally posted by Bictaker:

Run 3 miles again yesterday morning and by early afternoon I was gagging for another run even though the earlier outing wasn't as easy as I'd imagined it would have been, given I'd had Sunday off as a rest day. ...

Relax. Have a smoke. Wink
Well, took Mrs Bic for a picnic down the beach and watched the surfers/kayaking school for 2hrs in the sun at lunchtime. The cross onshore wind messed up the little wave so I left it... and went for a swift 3m jog again! 50 push ups and 30 sit ups seemed too much of a chore today, but hey ho, gotta keep on keeping on, eh.

Potatoe salad and fish on the go. Hoping to surf tomorrow
Last month I started 'dieting'. Translate that to: whole grain bread instead of sourdough, 5 servings of veggies and fruits a day, no more soda and alcohol only on weekends.

Once a week I fence with my SCA geek buddies. I'd like to go to the Tucson practices on Tuesday night but I usually don't have the energy by the time I've slogged through my caseload at work, plus I wouldn't be home until 11 pm or so and that's too late for me during the week.

Last week I started walking with my neighbor friend in the park across the street from our houses. At night, I wouldn't go to that park for love or money (oh wait, that's what most people go there for at night...), but before sunset it's pleasant and there is a walking path.

My hope is to work up to "power-walking" every day but I am sooooo out of shape that it's not going to happen quickly.
Good start IC! Working out with somebody makes it a lot better imo. You can't talk yourself out if it as easily. Careful with the fruits, they tend to have a lot of sugar, some people see an effect some don't. If you have the means see a nutritionist to help with a diet plan.

I didn't work out at all yesterday, spent it recovering from the night before on my couch.

Getting older sucks.

Reminds me why I rarely drink heavily.

Although some people swear by the every other day lifting schedule I never cared for it. I would rather do more specific workouts 4 days a week, chest, legs, back, and small muscles (shoulders, calves, forearms) on separate days.

Although I was nopt happy about my recent discovery of how much weight I dropped I must admit that I don't seem to have lost any strength. Also I am getting a lot more attention and comments from people. Smile

Of course I work at gay bars so most of the attention is from guys but it is still flattering.
Light day, just couldn't get really into it.

Some ab warm ups.

Several sets on the flat bench with a light weight and short breaks between sets.

Dumbbell flys and inclines.

Heavy tricep extensions.

Half mile on the treadmill, running/walking. Yes yes I know you runners will tell me a half mile is nothing and you're right but I was pretty bored and just trying to burn off energy.
Half a mile of running is a triumph if you haven't run since high school! (such as yours truly) Big Grin

Been considering attempting to start running, in little baby steps. Lately I've been gaining weight, and I want to offset that with some form of exercise that burns a few more calories than simply walking.
Running is fucking hard man. You are in school right? Usually they have a gym. Check out the elliptical machines. The are the things that look kind of like you are cross country skiing. I know when I am doing it my heart rate stays sky high and it is very kind to your knees and hips.

I ordered some Tribulus pills today. A friend of mine is a health nut and recommended this for a natural way to increase testosterone levels. It is advertised as a way to fight ED but it allows your body to produce more of its own testosterone which increases strength.

I'll check it out.

Works for women too apparently. I might have to slip the Girl some.
edit: Not in school atm, but going back in fall. So for now it'll have to be outside running, when and where I can bring myself to do it. I'm definitely not in great shape, and running/walking is one of those things that I can do multiple times/week and don't need a gym for, you know?
Originally posted by Black Jacque:
Originally posted by editengine:
... I ordered some Tribulus pills today.

Isn't that the Chinese herb given by shamans to cure premature ejaculation?

Big Grin I have no idea what you're talking about!

No but it is also used to help with ED.
I'd stay away from bolting down creatine, trbulus, ZMA, HMB, XYZ, and bannana milkshakes. That stuff will bloat you out.

A dude like you at 35, should be losing weight. Just do all cardio.
You need to get down to about 165-175 pounds and stay there for about two years. You want your body to 'remember' that weight. This will prep you for when your metabolism really slows down when you hit 40.
Dude, after 25, less is more.

You can’t be a steroidal, Gonad the Barbarian mesomorph at 45. You have to strip yourself down. Slough off all that fast-twitch anaerobic meat before it slides into your middle and stops your heart. If you don’t, you’ll end up looking like a Mikey Rourke, a bronzed Buddha, parked on the couch with all the athleticism of a Taylor Ham.

Do only cardio. Eat less. Stop eating Cuban sandwiches. When you do eat, make sure it is fibrous. Don’t bother taking voodoo herbs and spices, chemicals with alphabet soup-like names, and ‘bulk-me-out-till-my-skin-bursts’ supplements. Remake yourself into an ectomorph with that long, slim, slow-twitch muscle. You’ll live to be 100.
For a minute there I thought Jacque said Mickey Rourke. I wouldn't mind looking like Mickey Rourke at all. I'm always trying to get back to 155 lbs. From my late teens to my early 30s I stayed steady at 155 no matter what I did or ate. Then I jumped 10 lbs. A decade later another 10 lbs. Lately I've crept up over 180. At 5'7" that's way too much, especially since almost all the excess is around the waist. So now I'm trying to lose 20-21 lbs (lost 5 lbs already. That's the easy part). Back when I had good knees it was no problem, but bad knees really restrict your range of motion. Much of your muscle mass is between your hips and your knees, and it's hard to exercise those muscles without involving the knees.
Lots of good, motivation stuff in this thread. It inspired me to take Wednesday as a rest day and then push in an extra mile yesterday. The slow 4m jog seems to have been fine on my old athritic knee. A few aches but all good none the less. Not sure if i should rest again today or do a slow 3 miler later - would prefer a 90 min mountain bike blast if I get the chance/time though, but its hardly likely...

I'm not one for taking any kind of pills these days, but steady as you go, Edit - make sure you research the effects before getting on any programme, eh.
Stop eating Cuban sandwiches...

BJ get out of my head! now I want a good Cuban!

JMR - I agree that ibuprofen should be popped like pez if you are in pain from your workout. If you have a gym available try out the elliptical machines. I get my heart rate higher than jogging and there is no impact on your knees. You still have to use your knees of course but the rotation of the elliptical is much kinder in my experience than the pounding of jogging.
I'm surprised at the advocating of pill popping here. If you're exercising to get/stay healthy then pills are not your friend. It doesn't matter if it's some herbal booster or an ibuprofen pain reliever. If you want better results- work harder and if you're in too much pain then you need to cut back a little and work your way up more slowly. Ibuprofen might not be a very harsh drug, but it shouldn't be used in large quantity nor should it be used regularly. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a health freak, and I don't want to sound like I'm your mother- this is just my two cents.
Crow Girl - good advice. Agreed.

The doc gave me a bag of pain killers for my athritis but I deal with it at a psychological level - if there's no swelling then its not muscular, so I just ignore it. Pain following exercise is a different matter and I prefer to listen to my body, slow up a littel and allow some recovery time.

I took another rest day yesterday and did a slow 4 miler this morning. Nice easy jog, no after effects yet ;-) maybe some cycling tomorrow.
OTOH, the stuff does work and it is the solution the doctor is going to give you for major swelling-related stuff. When I re-tore the meniscus in my knee last year, the doctor put me on something like 800mg 4x per day for a week (mind you always with food!) to get the swelling down to where the tissues weren't constantly being aggravated (which vicious cycles into more swelling) by rubbing against each other.

RICE is the preferable way to go if it will do the trick though. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. (You can alternate hot & cold packs for faster results too.)
Originally posted by heavyboots:
OTOH, the stuff does work and it is the solution the doctor is going to give you for major swelling-related stuff.

Yes. Indeed. But it shouldn't be "eaten like candy" or "popped like pez".
Just because its available OTC doesn't make it harmless. It is hell long term on the whole gastric system.. I know, I took it daily long term for a chronic pain condition. Its fantastic stuff, really does its job.. and remember, its available in gel form which is also really good for specific areas of pain.
I don't know whether you can get diclofenic gel in the US, but thats fantastic as a topical pain reliever and anti-inflammatory (even better than ibuprofen)

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