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It's been almost a year now from the day I first intended to send a message to william gibson thru this. The occasion was w.gibson's birthday and I wanted to comment about his books in general and his latest Spook Country in particular. I think I was not ready to do it then or my thoughts were not clear enoough at the time.
I live in a country where w.gibson litterature sounds a bit strange because its contents are more related to countries in a very different situation from the political, economic and social points of view. Before you start imagining which country, I tell you its Argentina. I grew up reading science fiction and suspense thrillers detective stories and novels by famous and well known authors. That is why I am attracted by gibsons litterature from the moment I read Neuromancer and progressively so after going thru the second non trilogy.
What I find in gibson is the future getting every day closer to our present, the more so after the current world crisis exploded in 2008.
What I dont find in gibson is an aknowledgement of the differences existing in countries and societies around the world. Especially countries with lower or less developed status, where poverty is overwhelming and problems seem very far from what happens in the USA, Europe, Japan or even Russia, to mention some of the locations featured in gibson's books.
I found a direct link with what I'm saying in the end of one of the books, the one that gibson finished writing in Mexico City. The link being there not only because of Mexico's status as such, but also due to the fact that gibson says something about this fact in that book.(If my memory is correct the book is All tomorrows parties, isnt it ?)
I think my comment must be boring those that started to read it. Maybe its also my bad english, but I wanted to put forward something about the future new book by gibson (if he ever writes a new one). The book should take into account these differences, as he started to do in Spook Country by reflecting the cuban background of some of its characters.
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Welcome Adrian.

Mr Gibson has been putting short bits of his new book up for our delectation. Unfortunately none of them have included the Cuban characters from Sppok Country yet, but it might just be because he is keeping that part of the story away from us.

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