Rereading Spook Country

Fifth or sixth time. I have a porblem, I need a program, clearly.

Anyway, I cam e across this on pg 77 of the hardback:

"If Brown had declared the Queen of England to be a shape-shifting alien reptile, craving the warm flesh of human infants, Milgrim would not have argued."

seems like a reference to David Icke to me. Just thought it was interesting.
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Originally posted by antistuff:
I've read it 3 times now and the last time, which was last week - I found that I was just reading it and thinking back to topics right here - it made it interesting in a whole new way.

I am reading it for the 2nd time. Am I the only one who has to take time off from a good read to google what the man is going on about? I mean I googled the Marbury vehicle that Bigend drove. The first time I read Spook Country I thought it was a scifi thing. His use of obscure cultural references can be damn distracting.

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