can I read this online?

This is, after all, a William Gibson book. Why can't I read it with virtual reality goggles? Well, since I did buy the book, I'd like to download or just log in to view a text version that I can see. Since the last WG book my vision has gotten a lot worse and I can hardly make out text on a page any more. If I could put it on a screen, I'd have a lot less trouble. They do have his for text books, so is it out there for novels to?
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I know the feeling, polis, even though I don't have vision problems.

Luckily there's usually somebody out there placing a tax on Gibson's reputation until the publisher sends them a C&D or whatever they do to make them take the text down. So if you find a copy online, save a copy on your harddisk immediately.

I don't actually read the ascii versions of Gibson's works but they are fantastic for finding quotes when you want to refer to something.

Since you say you already bought the book, my advice to you is to Google the last sentence in Chapter 2 or some other "highly improbable phrase"

At this moment there are 2 sites that will deliver what you are looking for.

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