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The American government, pushing further into supervillan territory all the time.

Seriously, they didn't have a Mitchell & Webb moment when they looked at that logo?

Actually, I'm relieved.

I caught and ate an octopus once, but *only* once.  It seemed to take forever to die, even after I'd gutted and sliced it up [had stopped wriggling before I roasted it over a fire though].  Hopefully, what I was seeing was just postmortem neuromuscular noise, not actual suffering.  I was always pretty good about being quick and painless, respectful, even toward clams, which have no brains to speak of.

Still, not an experience I'd care to repeat.


One time, deep sea fishing, accidentally caught one of them spiny abyssal monsters.  The thing's expanding air sacs caused it to throw up its own entrails — and it had been dining on a baby octopus, which survived the whole messy eversion.


Subsequently, spooked, that little Zoidberg shot more ink than a tabloid.

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