Spook Country goes Second Life - Design WG's avatar for him!

I'm rarely on 2nd Life - (I learned how to sit on things but not much else) and it annoys the fuck out of me that I have to install new software every time I visit. Last time I walked around some people had "Hacked the Gibson!" secondlife://Gibson/

Here's a postcard of my visit to Eunumclaw!

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I'm rarely on 2nd Life - (I learned how to sit on things but not much else) and it annoys the fuck out of me that I have to install new software every time I visit. Last time I walked around some people had "Hacked the Gibson!" secondlife://Gibson/

Here's a postcard of my visit to Eunumclaw!

Haw haw.
We're never gonna live that horse buggerer down, are we?
The guy who got me to go into SL in the first place had the exact same experience - so drawing on his experience I immediately made my avatar a rather weird looking guy (actually I tried to make him look like a walking penis, but I wasn't very successful).

I submitted my entry to the avatar competition!!

For all of you other N00bs, you have to save individual files for body, hair, shirt, shoes, etc. and then copy them into a special folder in your inventory - call it Gibson Avatar and then drop it into Margaret Riversrunred's inventory - this is done by opening her profile (push Search - People - type Margaret Riversrunred). Her inventory is located in the tab "2nd Life" and then you drag and drop the folder from your inventory to the line at the bottom of hers. I added a Notecard to mine with my 1st life details of where they could send my prize!!
Second Life seems an odd place to pimp advertise a William Gibson book. In the sprawl series, the Matrix is simply a way of representing data, though the visual chat programs in the Bridge series are closer to Second Life-type applications. Stephenson's "Street" from Snow Crash, with its bombardment of poor taste and cookie cutter avatars, seems closer to what Second Life has become.

That being said, my suggestion for an avatar would be a neon sign reading: "I'm William Gibson" supported by a pair of mechanical legs.
The publicity is the event

What's interesting about holding a Second Life event is not so much what goes on in Second Life, but that you can get extra press on the event.

Not only do you have the traditional book launch press releases, but you can get stories about the 2nd life event as well. (Plenty of them already)

Unfortunately the avatars you are allowed to make are strictly anthropomorphic. But I suppose you could use the body tatto function to superimpose a sign on his chest saying "I am William Gibson".

For me 2nd life is just another venue to stalk see what Gibson's up to. :-) Once he's finished there, so am I. (Unless of course Søren Pilmark starts making appearances there)
The more intense role-playing text based MU*s that emerged in that window between the 28.8 modem and the advent of high-speed internet and powerful 3d graphics probably would've had a closer demographic to Gibson readership than any MMO, but alas.

Well I shall be around SL to check things out, and definitely there for the readings!

I'm TwiliteMinotaur Writer (last name).
Not for me personally. The easiest hack way to do it would be to set up a digital video camera on a tripod and film it from there.

However having never attended one of these 2nd life events, I don't know how the visuals are, i.e. does your avatar need to actively bustle to get a good view, swipe away the flying penises, etc. However if you've got a big screen and a mouse and keyboard away from the camera, you could probably *actively* participate and record the event. It would be recorded from that particular avatar's viewpoint.

The reading will be on August 2nd, 7pm,PST BST
You could try using
Katharine Berry's AJAX javascript Second Life text interface

See this BoingBoing article

Katharine Berry, a student in the UK, has created an in-browser AJAX application that allows you to log into the virtual world of Second Life, but without all of the laggy graphics. This is a great way to pop in-world for a moment if you just want to chat with other residents, and as far as anybody else will be able to tell your avatar will look just fine (although mostly immobile).

Is the time for the Second Life event on 2nd August set for 7pm Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8 hours) or Pacific Daylight saving Time (GMT -7 hours) ? Here in the UK we are on British Summer Time (GMT -1 hour)
Check your local time zone
Sorry, I screwed up the time from memory - apparently it's not definitely confirmed yet either - I've just gotten some pre-info from Jeremey.

This is what I've got of info:
2 August 2007/ 7pm BST / On Avalon (158, 87, 25)

So it's not pacific standard at all it's British Standard Time (don't know with or without daylight savings time)

So that means around 8pm my time!! Woot!

I emailed margaret@riversredrun.com to ask about this. It's OK to mail her an image file in the formats WindowsVitMap, BMP, TGA, or PMG (JPG can work but can give problems) Ideal size is 512 x 1024.

Here's the original posting from 2nd life.


" The team's interest centered on one particular container. They'd broken its seals, opened it, when orders came by radio to leave it."
"Leave it?"
"Leave the container. Leave the vessel. Those orders were followed, of course." . . .

"Apparently it's still out there, somewhere . . . Like the Flying Dutchman.""

A container, it's contents a mystery is heading to America – what is inside and why are so many interested? We are holding a container-decorating contest on Avalon to celebrate Spook Country's launch.

Take the blank container attachment you have received, and create a texture image for one side of the container. Simply hold ctrl and drag your image onto the top of the container. Entries can be sent in any time between now and July 30. The containers will be displayed on a ship in the waters of Avalon starting late July. The owner of the winning design will be eligible to receive a signed book, DVD, and the chance to come to a RL event in August.

Please send your decorated containers to Margaret Riversrunred, or email them to her at Margaret@riversrunred.com.

For regular updates on William Gibson in Second Life join the Penguin Readers group. For any further information about Penguin books and press inquiries, contact Jeremy Neumann inworld.

Penguin Group has teamed up with Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com to provide exclusive Spook Country material. To preorder Spook Country and read William Gibson's original proposal for his new book, go to one of these URLs:

For UK residents: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Spook-Country-William-Gibson/dp...id=1183715969&sr=8-1

For US residents:
Well...all that work and exploration...and I couldn't see a darned thing except for the room with the poppies..where I sat on the bed waiting for Gibson!

never got to see his avatar...I think this is the last time I visit 2nd life...couldn't find my (WGB-branded) container which apparently is floating out there somewhere...
I got stuck in Housing Committee office selling laundry keys then hastened off to make Outland and get my copy of The Book before closing time, so didn't make the Second Life reading-- grateful for the sample. Instead settled down to read to myself

in The Dubliner, note shamrock, in the oldest block of Oslo (remote remembers, Old City Hall, near Fortress) and also has DVD shop incongruously.)

I find it funny how SL is right now in a state of indefinition and some institutions are getting in just so they can flaunt it on their press releases. Around here, several upper-crust universities have already set up a presence; I foresee fun times as griefers become bolder and more skilled.
This really turned out to be a rather odd competition. Here's a blurb from the original press release:

"This experience gave us the idea for the Design an Avatar for William Gibson competition – we want people to use their knowledge of his books and of the author to design something for him to don when he appears in Second Life in August. And, if the author's reaction to Second Life is anything to go by, there will be no prizes for conventionality."

When the "competition" was finished, no announcements were made about which avatar won, and a very conventional avatar meant to resemble Gibson (or Tarantino or Tim Tangherlini) was chosen/designed.

All very odd - but at least I've found out I've qualified for a prize or 2!

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