Hacking the Gibson, in London!

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Now my dilemma when to fly in. On Monday or Saturday? It's cheaper to fly in on Saturday, but the hotel expenses do write that off by a bit....

you might yet find that meru will end up in london from the saturday. its looking like its cheaper for her to fly to london first. though who knows?
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Originally posted by Meru:
Wait, where do you live, Newromancer?

Hi hi ... this should be an easy question to answer ... should.

As remote said I do live in Ireland.
I also have a registered address in Austria.
There is a third address as well, but I don't really spend much time there.

I consider my self to live at both places. The next few weeks I will be living in Austria, in August I consider myself to live in Ireland. Have I confused you yet?

Yes. Actually, I wanted you to name a city in Ireland. Vesper lives in Dublin.
Looks like I'm gonna be there too. Mrs Gringo might even come with me, if we manage to find someone to take care of the children (school starts exactly that week, unfortunately).

In any case, we're checking tickets and accomodations right now. I'll try to be there on Tuesday(morning) and leave on Wednesday(evening).
I won't be there on the 31st, as I have to be back in Copenhagen to give a speech at a conference (repeat of my talk about journal impact factors and research evaluation)

Would you be willing to post the gist or e-mail the ppt (if any) or something on that? A topic of considerable interest here at the moment.

I'm still waiting for my vacation day confirmation. But if I get the days I want, I will definitely be flying in to London on the 25th.

I will continue to harass my boss until she gives me the days. I may have to offer a piece of my soul.
latest security update for british airports, recieved this morning. shouldn't affect people flying in as much as people flying out:

The recent security alerts at British airports has resulted in the rigid enforcement of the rules concerning what can and cannot be taken onto an aircraft as hand luggage. We would take this opportunity to remind staff of rules issued by the British Airports Authority (BAA)

One item of hand baggage per person with maximum dimensions of 56cmx45cmx25cm. This could be either one cabin bag, handbag, laptop bag, carrier bag or camera bag. However, please check with your airline as each airline has a different size and/or weight - the size stated above is the ' maximum ' size allowed.

Maximum 100ml containers of liquid, gels, creams and pastes. This includes cosmetics, toiletries, water and other drinks. These must fit easily into a clear resealable bag, maximum size 20cmx20cm fastened closed. Only one resealable bag per person. This must fit into hand baggage, available for inspection at security.

What is allowed

Medicines in the quantity that is essential for your trip i.e. diabetic kit.
Baby food (pastes and liquids) in the required quantity for the trip
Non-liquid cosmetics; solid deodorant, lipstick, powder foundation.
Medicines, baby food and milk over 100ml must be presented for inspection at x-ray.

What is NOT allowed

All liquids in containers over 100ml.
All types of gels including hair and shower gel
Liquids includes suntan cream/oil/spray, face cream, baby lotion and roll-on deodorants/anti-perspirants.
Pastes includes toothpaste, Vaseline, lip salve, cream eye shadow, cocoa butter.
Pressurised foams and sprays includes shaving foam, shower foam, tanning foam, deodorants/antiperspirants.
Foodstuffs includes water, soft drinks, yoghurt, soup, syrup.
Liquid cosmetics includes liquid foundation, lip gloss, liquid mascara, make-up remover, nail polish.
Sharp items

Airport Shopping

Once past security, you will be able to shop in the departure lounge and take advantage of the tax and duty free savings. Here you can buy liquids over 100 ml and take more than one bag onto the aircraft with you.

Originally posted by Gringo:
I'll try to be there on Tuesday(morning) and leave on Wednesday(evening).

I will enjoy the opportunity to meet, but the underground gossip network hints the evening to be there is on Wednesday. Arkan probably could
tell more, but I do not want him using mad chambara skills on me.

All unofficial yet, however.


Local people:

Mirror Girl is leaving just when WG arrives. Talk about bad luck. She may be around the 27th.
Auteur Gal. An unknown, however.
Sentinel400. Are we taking you for granted?
Memetic Engineer. Showed interest in other thread.

Almost local:

Remote: There. Not dates yet.
Crash. Maybe. We hope with you.
Newromancer. Two days, not yet sure which ones.


Striv. Saturday to Wednesday.
Wanderer. Possibly there in a lightning trip. No dates yet.
Hasa. Sunday to Wednesday.
ArkanGL. Another lightning trip. Wednesday right now.
Psychophant. Probably will be free for meeting up on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some time also on Thursday (before I leave for the Radisson SAS at Stansted).
Fashionpolice. Tuesday and Wednesday.
Gringo. Tuesday and part of Wednesday.

Furriners from far away.

Meru. Probably will set a record on longest trip to meet the man. Expected to arrive on Saturday.
most likely i'll be in edinburgh 27th, seems a shame for him to come all that way and not make the effort. so with that i'll travel down tuesday and maybe be there till about thursday/friday?

tighten up plan in next week or so i guess. still to put in for the holidays, but i have enough to take and i'm worthless as far as the company is concerned anyway Wink
It seems Meru and I will have Saturday Sunday and Monday to discover London till Tuesday, which is when everyone else is showing up.
Any of the locals feel like doing anything that weekend?

Also any suggestions on things to do about town would be more than welcome.
I'm totally clueless about the place, but very excited to have three days just for wandering around! Smile

Hopefully by then I'll get the hang of the SLR (which I'm getting my hands on tomorrow by the way!!!)
i mailed chris h to let him know that the signing was happening, he says he is visiting parents, stuck on dial-up so hadn't seen it, but will make his best efforts to be there as well. i also sent a message to upholstered dave, but not heard back yet.

any other obvious UK/euro folk that haven't been on board recent that we should be giving the heads up?
Originally posted by remotespook:
it'll give you all the current exhibits at the museums. i tend to check out new stuff at tate modern, tate britain, V&A. there is the science museum if you want to see some difference engines Smile

Yay and double yay!

I also hope some people are up for clubbing/bar drunkenness/wild times. I admit I'm a party girl.
I'm considering offering my bos a deal :
He lets me have these days off (unpaid vacation), and I compensate him by accepting an equivalent number of half-paid days on the same month.

He won't be able to resist the money Smile
(and even with a few days half-paid, I 'm still making more money than on my previous job)
you would think he would open for some negotiation - some late nights here, half day there. something. hope it works out.

in meantime. do we know yet where the signings are? is there a requirement for tickets at any of them? need to watch that, so that no one turns up and doesn't get in.
Here's what I know :


Tuesday, 28th August
7.00pm - Event organised by Blackwell's bookshop at The Congress Centre, London. Sponsored by SciFi London.

Wednesday, 29th August
12.30 - 2.30pm - Formal signing at Forbidden Planet
5.30 - 7.30pm - Formal signing at Forbidden Planet
Okay, I just talked to my boss and she won't give me an answer because she still has to discuss it with the language center director. Apparently, several people have requested vacations around that time and scheduling with classes is difficult.

I will ask her again on Friday. I will note that my birthday is at the end of August and I worked on my birthday last year. I am a driven woman, dammit.
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