Hacking the Gibson, in London!

Repeating myself now, but I won't be. I take off US-wards the morning of the 28th.

Thanks to the troops who rallied to my aid, even if it was to no avail! Come down to Lahndahn a night early for some Bon Voyage drinks or something. Otherwise you won't get to see my cool hacked Hack London shirt, a'ight?
Originally posted by ArkanGL:
I'm not sure I can be there.

It all depends on my boss' willingness to grant me two extra days off.
(even if they're not paid vacation)

Me too. My game schedule drops dead on the last day of August.

DAMNIT ALL! Don't they realize He releases one book every 3 years or so?????

Anyway, I put in my vacation request today. Hopefully, there are no issues and I can take time off. I still have no idea what I'm going to do, what I'm supposed to see. I've never traveled alone and I've never been to Europe. So, yeah, this is kind of a big deal for me. Plus, my birthday's on August 31. I'll be turning 26.
cheap airlines will probably only get you to luton or stansted? i think it was standsted i got to from berlin when i did it. only ever passed through standsted. i've been told its a bugger to get from standsted to london, but to be honest i can't see it being any worse than luton, and its just the nature of these types of flights that we expect some hassle.

but from luton, there is a free bus that takes you to the nearest train station. you get a train from there into london (i normally go to king's x, but i think it goes to victoria as well), it costs about £11, which isn't cheap, but does the job. if you get the train watch for the train which has less stops - from brighton i think - the other one stops at every station between luton and london.

i think there is an easybus that goes as well, which is probably cheaper, but probably takes longer and is just a mini-bus from what i've seen. i guess it doesn't stop anywhere else, and if its cheaper and gets you there it also does the trick.
Three basic options from Stansted:

  • Easybus. 3 or 6 euros reserved online, 10,5 euros walk in (limited availability as the minibus fills up quickly). 75 minutes to city centre. Good price but little flexibility.
  • Coach. 12 one way, 21 Return. Several options, with similar prices. 80-120 minutes to city centre.
  • Stansted Express. 21 one way, 35 Return. 45 minutes (and impervious to non-terrorist related traffic jams).

There are other train options but they tend to be slow or pricy (or both).
I may fly into Edinburgh and hang out in Scotland first, then fly to London from there....but I don't know....this is looking more expensive than I thought. At the very least, I will go to London. It's a long-ass freaking flight from Korea.
Originally posted by Meru:
Just curious, how long are people planning to stay in London? Is anyone traveling anywhere else?

If I am lucky, I will be able to stay two days Frown
Tue & Wed is less then ideal for me.

Tell me if you plan to go to Ireland.
Originally posted by Meru:
Wait, where do you live, Newromancer?

Hi hi ... this should be an easy question to answer ... should.

As remote said I do live in Ireland.
I also have a registered address in Austria.
There is a third address as well, but I don't really spend much time there.

I consider my self to live at both places. The next few weeks I will be living in Austria, in August I consider myself to live in Ireland. Have I confused you yet?
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