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If someone hasn't mentioned it already, that's a *great* name for a band.

Or maybe, `OT and the Wrong Threads' [could dress inappropriately for stage shows -- bunch of velour lounge-lizards doing punk, or vice versa; studded leather metalheads playing ballads, or something].

Angle Iron
Wrought Noodle
Untitled [last three probably couldn't sell any music though, because the name would short-circuit most word-of-mouth]

A good friend of mine, who is a multiple, always thought `Angry Mob of Drunk Girl' would be a good one if she/they ever got into music. ;-)


1962: The Spanking Academy (uniforms, Beatle hair)

1968: The English Spanking Academy (supergroup with Peter Green)

1976: Drucilla Marchmont and the English Spanking Academy (joined by teenage second vocalist with huge knockers)

1988: MC Druce-D and the Limey Whackers (doing Blondie covers in Manhattan's Alphabet City)

1997: Britwhack (only the Rhodes player left from the original line-up)

2009: The Canes (marquee name for reunion tour with Bono and Katy Perry)
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Cute, Lithos -- a dig at architects or realtors? :P

If the former, I apologize on the fields' behalf

Nah, I've been shopping for router bits (for the Belgians: that's router as in power tool, not network equipment.)

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