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And yeah, I've though Splitcoil would make a pretty decent alt-country band name. I might eventually try that. I'm writing more of that stuff again after a long break. Maybe I'll try to find some like-minded dimwits.

Me and my neighbor were just discussing this last night while listening to Wilco and Sunvolt and Willie Nelson and Hayseed Dixie.

Sounds fun.
'Lithos made me do it' has real potential

And 'Smegmata' is just perfect for a death metal band

Misty's 'Insert Meatname' could work - for me, the more difficult to imagine yet graphic the referents the better

And 'Boot Sector' could definitely be a funk band
more alsoer, while billed as JV and the NS, Jonny actually performs solo right?

Yeah. That name comes with a conceptual Performance Art idea behind it.

The curtain opens and the spotlights hit the stage which is rigged with a full band set-up;Mikes, guitars. bass, etc. The lone human on the stage is Jonny who is passed out, slumped against an amp, surrounded by empty bottles and with puke streaming down his chest into his lap. Things continue this way until Jonny wakes up and shouts obcenely at the audience. The curtain closes and the show is over.
This would be a huge hit with the big city artsy-fartsy boho crowd, but not so much with real people. The soundtrack CD would be a hard sell also, since it would be about 70 minutes of silence followed by a drunken shout of something like, "Who the hell are you people? Get the fuck outta my house!"
Like I said, not for real people.

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