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This action has been happening all over the place in a spontaneous and disorganised manner. Someone more organised than me suggested we used to have/might find a use for a thread, so here it are.

Innocent Venison (based on my mishearing of Tesla's 'Edison's Medicine')
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There was a band in Vancouver about 10 years ago called Molly's Revenge. I went to a show and wasn't too impressed with the music but went to a couple more because:

1) The frontwoman was tall, lean, mean and beautiful with a bleach blonde mohawk.

2) During the performance, said frontwoman would periodically expose her remarkable breasts.

3)These actions would cause a largely female mosh pit to do the same.

Why they never caught on based on this alone I'll never understand, anyways a google search shows that the name now belongs to a celtic band from california, so they must have inspired somebody.

EP: I love "Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys" but "EvilPenguin9000" has a nice (anal)ring to it too.
oh fuxake, did someone have to start a thread on band names.

i always know when a band is about to fold, it's when they start talking about a new name. i really get scared talking about band names. i think it's the single scariest topic i know.

just for the record, i played in a band called The Honkies! who later become Unband (my name) just before we crashed and burned, we were a very anarchic jo'burg outfit. in fact, we were the original anarchic jo'burg outfit. but we had this singer, she was blonde and very cute, came from Kenya, had a King's English accent like you wouldn't believe, so sweet, singing lines like "When you've swallowed those tasty nuts/And you think the pain is over for you/My shining thumbscrew will do/The shining thumbscrew blues/Upon you too" (all about torturing a police officer to death by making him swallow his gonads) ... which we performed at political gigs with lots of bemused policemen in the back trying to follow the lyrics ...

she wore real pearls and a really cute lapel badge (i love lapel badges, as i said once before, so much more civilised than tattoos) with a little furry creature saying "NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY".

anyway, i thought Sarah was quite a star, could really front a show. my possible name for the band:

Penny Horrible and the Other Suckers.

please, let's not start a thread on band names i don't think i can take it.
was in a string of bands as a youngster, or more realistically mostly the same band with a lot of different names. the Dellwoods, the Norwoods, the Deltones, and believe it or not the Lavender Lum Lums. Blame for that last one goes to our drummer, who wore Paul Revere and the Raiders ruffled shirts, over the knee fairy boots and brocade vests.

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